13 Types Of Apartments To Consider In 2022 (Pros & Cons)

Updated April 8, 2021
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Apartments can come in many different sizes and layouts, but there are also different types of apartments. These types can vary greatly depending on where you live, the type of building they’re in, and especially the number of bedrooms and bathrooms offered. It’s important to know what type of apartments exist as you are looking for a new home. Maybe you prefer a certain type, and if it’s not that, it’s a deal-breaker. So here’s an extensive list of 13 different types of apartments to consider as you’re apartment hunting.

alcove apartment; types of apartments

13 Types Of Apartments

Alcove Apartments

An alcove apartment is laid out very similarly to a basic studio where there is a great room that includes your living room, bedroom, and kitchen in one space. But the big difference is it will include a wall or partition of sorts to put your bed in a more private or partially private area. Essentially your bedroom alcove won’t have its own door, but the wall will give it some sense of privacy and keep it separate from your living area. If you throw up a dividing wall or curtain in place of a door, you can really have some privacy.

Co-Op Apartments

A co-op or cooperative apartment is where you can actually own and pay the mortgage on your apartment but get some of the benefits of living in an apartment building. You will find cooperative housing with townhomes and condos. The tenant will own their property (apartment) and pay maintenance fees or association fees that help take care of the building and common areas. Tenants would also have to follow guidelines and rules set out by the association board or the building managers. It can be a great way to gain some equity and more benefits you don’t get by paying rent.

Convertible Apartments

A convertible apartment has the option or ability to build new walls to close in a potential bedroom. Convertible apartments are like a large studio and may even already have an alcove separating all or part of a bedroom. Some apartment buildings will allow for a wall to be built at the cost of an extra fee, or if the tenant owns their apartment, they would front the cost, of course, but would have to follow the code for the building.

Duplex Apartments

A duplex is a multi-family home with two separate living units in it, often one above the other. They have their own entrances and are independent apartments from one another. Duplexes look like a home from the outside, and tenants may or may not have their own front door but might often share a common area in a foyer where the stairs split. Duplexes are a great option for someone who doesn’t want a large building or tons of neighbors. It also gives the feeling of house living, and some benefits include garages, front or back yards, and windows on all sides of the unit.

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duplex apartment; types of apartments

Garden Apartment

Garden apartments are located on the ground floor or basement sublevel of an apartment building and get their name from having private access to a garden, lawn, or patio area. However, this term is often referred to units that are simply at that basement or lower level, sometimes even half underground with high windows. These can sometimes be charged a lower rate as they have less natural light, can be colder being sub-level, or other security issues, including the private gardens or lawns. However, they are a great option for those wanting a nice quaint apartment with that private access to the outside.

Loft Apartments

Older commercial buildings like brownstones in metro areas will often be renovated and remodeled to include livable units. This is where you might find loft apartments characterized by large open spaces, very tall ceilings, a lot of tall windows, exposed beams, and exposed brick walls. They give a beautiful aesthetic and are often a staple of downtown city life and can sometimes even have an opportunity for alcoves or other separation for more private bedroom or living areas.

Low Rise Apartments

A low-rise apartment is defined as having 1-4 floors and may or may not have an elevator. Stairs may be sufficient enough to allow residents to get to their 4th floor (or 3rd if the 1st is garden level) by using the stairs instead of an elevator.

Mid Rise Apartments

A mid-rise apartment is defined as having 5-11 floors and has at least one elevator. These types of buildings are often the ones you’ll see sprout up in urban areas that offer a few floors of apartments without becoming a high-rise building.

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Micro Apartments

A micro-apartment is similar to a studio apartment but is often less than 400 square feet. So they are quite small, hence the name “micro.” They will include an area that allows for a bed or convertible sofa, a small kitchen, and a small bathroom. They can be great for individuals working and living in a metro area and who want to pay less in rent.

Railroad Apartments

You’ll often find railroad apartments in old brownstone-type buildings that are narrow from the front but go back a long way. These apartments will have a long rectangular shape with a living area in the front, passing the kitchen and eventually a hallway with bedrooms and bathrooms.

Studio Apartments

A studio apartment is one large room that combines the living space, sleeping area, and kitchen all in one. The bathroom will be separate, and as we spoke on before, alcove and convertible apartments are variants of a basic studio apartment. Studio apartments are often less expensive than one and two bedrooms. Room dividers can help give a little more privacy to a sleeping area in the great room.

Triplex Apartments

Similar to duplex apartments, these are multi-family homes that contain 3 separate living spaces. These will often be divided with their own entrances and floors.

Walk-Up Apartments

Walk-up apartments are smaller buildings that are only accessible by stairs. You may think of the beautiful brownstones lining the street with half-story steps leading up to the front door when you imagine New York City. These apartments may cost less rent due to there being no elevator, and the buildings are often older.

walk up apartment; types of apartments

These are all just some of the types of apartments available to rent and condos and townhomes and multi-bedroom multi-bathroom units. Bigos Apartments offers beautiful studios, 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms for rent. Check out our available units here, and filter by type for easy searching. When you find one you’re interested in, contact us for a showing!

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