3 Easy Ways to Bring Your Car Repairs into the Apartment Lifestyle

Updated October 26, 2022
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Living in an apartment community has so many perks. You have immediate access to a built-in community, lots of neighborhood accessibility, and no maintenance responsibilities. But if you’re still worried about how you’ll do your own car repairs without a private garage, look no further. We have comforting solutions for you. 

adding oil during car repairs

1. Focus on the easy-to-accomplish repairs

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the car repairs you can’t make; focus on the easy-to-accomplish repairs! Here’s our short list of car repairs that you can make, even if you’re subjected to street parking. 

  1. Replace windshield wipers
  2. Coolant
  3. Wiper fluid
  4. Power steering fluid
  5. Replace a headlight or taillight
  6. Buff out scratches from body paint
  7. Install a new air filter

A garage for car repairs

2. Rent a garage space

Garage spaces can seem expensive, but if the extra space and privacy help you to make your own car repairs, you’re saving money in the long run! Online tutorials make it easy to repair many things in your car on your own. But mechanics can charge high prices by the hour for labor, drastically increasing the total cost of your repair. 


For example, the average cost for a brake pad replacement at a mechanic can reach up to $300 per axle including labor costs. Depending on your car, parts can cost as little as $35 per axle. When you multiply that difference by four tires, the costs far surpass your garage space rental fee!

Changing a tire in a garage during car repairs

3. Ask your neighbors for mechanic recommendations

The benefit of living in an apartment is that built-in community comes with the rent. Asking for local recommendations is an easy way to make conversation with your neighbors, and it doesn’t have to stop at restaurants! Knock of your new friend’s door and ask if they have any recommendations for local mechanics. 

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If you get truly desperate, a property manager or maintenance team member may be able to offer assistance in making recommendations. The benefit of an on-site manager is that they know the property AND the area well!



If you’re looking for supportive apartment communities with dedicated on-site staff and convenient 24-hour maintenance in the Twin Cities area, Bigos Management is your go-to. Narrow in on our options by bedroom count, metro region, move-in date, and price with our online rent search tool

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