Bathroom Type Clarification: Full vs. Half vs. Quarter Baths [A Quick Guide]

Updated June 12, 2018
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What is a full bath? What is a three-quarters bath? What is a half bath? – what does it all mean? When you’re apartment hunting, you’ll undoubtedly have to decide whether or not the bathrooms are the right size.

We know that there are various sizes of bathrooms to choose from. So, let’s break down the various types of bathrooms and discover which type is perfect for you.

Full Bath

What is considered a full bath in real estate you ask? In order to be considered a “full bathroom”, it must contain a sink, shower, bathtub and toilet. Additionally, a full bathroom usually requires a minimum of 36 to 40 square feet. Without those components, you can’t officially call it a full bath.

Full bath with large sink, tub, and shower shown - Apartments In St Paul

It’s called a full bath because each utility is counted as one-quarter – in other words, you add and deduct a quarter for each one, be it sink, shower, bathtub or toilet. Full baths are usually located near a master bedroom, and are a highly sought-after feature of any living space.

Half Bath

Instead of all four components, a half bath only has two of the four, normally a toilet and a sink. Sometimes referred to as a guest bathroom or powder room, a half bath can generally be found on the main level of a home, or near the entry or kitchen of an apartment or condo.

Bright half bath with a white sink and toilet - Apartments In St Paul

A half bath generally requires the minimum space for the essentials, but serves its purpose. Having an additional space makes entertaining less stressful, without consuming valuable living and dining space.

Other Bathroom Types

Of course, full bath and half bath aren’t the only types of bathrooms available to today’s homeowners. Here are some other different bathroom types you may run into on your house hunt:

Master bathroom 

While a full bath is often connected to the master suite, a true master bathroom goes beyond all four components, to include amenities such as double vanities, built in shelving, whirlpool tub, walk-in shower and more.

Three-quarter bathrooms 

What is a three quarter bath? It usually includes a sink, toilet and tub or sink, toilet and shower. While not as luxurious as a full bath, three-quarter bathrooms still offer plenty of benefits without taking up as much space.

Three quarters bathroom with sink, small shower, and toilet - Apartments In St Paul

One-quarter bathrooms 

What is a quarter bath? These are most commonly found in older, smaller homes, usually in the basement, and consist of just a toilet or shower stall. Sometimes, they aren’t even partitioned off into their own separate room. If a space is advertised as having two bathrooms, the listing could be referring to one of those bathrooms that just contains a toilet or shower in the basement, so always double check!

Adjoining baths 

Adjoining bathrooms are made up of two-rooms, making them an ideal choice for larger families where the bathroom might be occupied at any given time of the day. We all know what it’s like to fight over the bathroom, and this type makes it easier on everyone.

Bright adjoining bathroom, also called jack and jill bathroom - Apartments In St Paul

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