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Apartment-Friendly Cooking: 10 Quick and Delicious Recipes for Busy Urban Dwellers
by Bigos Management  |  April 18, 2024
Living in a bustling city often means juggling busy schedules and limited time for elaborate cooking. However, that doesn't mean you have ..
Exploring the Advantages of Renting vs. Owning a Home
by Bigos Management  |  April 11, 2024
In the age-old debate of renting versus owning a home, both options have their merits. While homeownership may be considered a traditional ..
Twin Cities Craft Breweries: A Tour of 10 Exceptional Taprooms
by Bigos Management  |  April 3, 2024
Welcome to the Twin Cities, a region renowned for its vibrant craft beer scene. From hop-forward IPAs to rich stouts and everything in ..
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Overall, I absolutely LOVE living in Lowertown Lofts. Life has been very happy and more than comfortable since moving here back in June. Words cannot express how grateful I am to the staff here.
Misty and Arthur
Bigos Residents
THE BEST EXPERIENCE in apartment rental in the Twin Cities, proudly owned right here in MN.

From Quiet Suburban, to Very Urban, each property is designed with you in mind. From downtown rooftops, to the serene bluffs, our properties are created to take advantage of the city’s finest amenities and neighborhoods.

Since 1984, we have continued to focus on creating communities with generous amenities that provide a more elevated residential experience. With vision and insight into what people want from the places they live, our communities stand out from the rest in St. Paul.

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Our life’s work is about taking properties and turning them into residences that cultivate community for the people who live there.

We are proud to be Bigos Management. We provide quality homes to our residents, create meaningful relationships within our communities, invest in the development of our team, and operate with integrity and responsibility

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