What Is A Garden Apartment? (Pics & Layout Options)

Updated September 16, 2021
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In apartment complexes, garden apartments are located on the ground floor or basement sublevel and get their name from having private access to a garden, lawn, or patio area. However, this term is often applied to units that are at basement level with high windows rather than being underground. There are many benefits, and plenty of downfalls, to renting a garden apartment, which we’ll get into.

What is a Garden Apartment?

As we stated, a garden apartment is simply an apartment with access to a private garden or patio on a lower level but is also located in the lower sub-level of an apartment complex. Meaning it has high-set windows but is mostly underground in the basement level of the building. They are often cheaper due to having less natural light and have less privacy due to people having easy visibility through the windows from the yard or sidewalk outside.


private garden patio from apartment

Garden apartments are great for those who want easy access to outdoor space or enjoy gardening/growing things in their own yard. For example, if you have plants that require lots of sunlight or garden vegetables that need a garden, this is the perfect option to get some fresh air.

You can garden while feeling somewhat separate from the world around you and not feel as if people are always watching your every move like they might in an apartment on another floor of above-ground units. But, unfortunately, that definition of a garden apartment seems to be outdated and almost exclusively applied to sub-garden-level apartments.

Pros and Cons of Living in a Garden Apartment

We’ll go over the pros and cons of living in a garden apartment to help prospective renters determine whether or not they’d like to live in one. The more you know about different types of apartments, the better off you can be during your hunt for your dream apartment!

Bigos CTA graphic

Pros of Garden Apartments

  • Typically cheaper than other types of units
  • They are often bigger than other lower-cost apartments (studios and efficiencies)
  • They’re energy-efficient—staying cooler in the summer months
  • They are pretty separate from the rest of the units in the building and thus much quieter (aside from any boisterous upstairs neighbors)
  • They often come with a private entrance or garden/patio area
  • Great for pet owners who can easily let dogs outside via the private entrance/garden space
  • You’ll sleep great with little light getting in through the sub-level

garden apartment

Cons of Garden Apartments

  • They have less privacy with people being able to see in through the windows from outside
  • There can be problems with dampness and mold in poorly maintained buildings
  • Less natural light — not great for house plants
  • Easier access for intruders — worthwhile to ask for added security system/window locks in garden units
  • You won’t get much of a view, that’s for sure

Is a Garden Apartment Worth it?

A garden apartment is an excellent option for those who want more outdoor space and privacy. However, it’s not the best choice if you have plants that require lots of sunlight.

People who work jobs at odd hours can benefit from a garden apartment because they can sneak in virtually undetected, and no one will hear them as they chill out after a long day with TV or music late at night.

It’s also very advantageous for pet owners who want to quickly and easily let their dogs out. Being near the entrance, or having your own private one, makes it super convenient to let Fido out for the bathroom or a short walk. In addition, you’ll have no long hallways, elevators, or stairs to deal with.

If you’re someone who likes privacy, affordability, and easy access—a garden apartment might be perfect for you. So is a garden apartment worth it? We say yes!

garden level story apartment with high windows

Of course, garden apartments are just one small fraction of all the different types of apartment layouts that exist today. There are also studio apartments, duplexes, triplexes, and loft apartments, to name a few. Check out a complete list here.

And then, when you know what you’re looking for, check out all our available units at Bigos and contact us to schedule a showing! We can’t wait to show you your future apartment.

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