What Is a Low Rise Apartment (Pics & Layout Options)

Updated May 18, 2021
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Apartment shopping can be an exciting new adventure. However, with the hunt comes lots of decisions to make. Finding the right place for you can often feel overwhelming. There are so many options these days, and low-rise apartments are just one of many. 

Is a low-rise apartment the right kind of apartment for you? To make things a little easier, we’ve gathered some basic information about low-rise apartments and how they’re different from mid-rise apartments and high-rise apartments. 

What Is a Low Rise Apartment?

Buildings that are four stories or less are low-rise. These apartments go by other names as well, such as mid-rise apartments or even garden apartments. Essentially, they all mean the same thing: the apartments are in shorter, smaller buildings. 

Some people prefer low-rise apartments for the benefits they provide, while others would rather reside in a high-rise apartment. Knowing the pros and cons of a low-rise location can help you decide if it’s the right living space for you.

Benefits of a Low Rise Apartment

There are several advantages of living in a low-rise apartment.

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Closer to the Street 

A low-rise apartment gives its residents easy access to the street. This is considered beneficial to anyone who has a physical disability or perhaps has reached an older age. It’s also great for days when you’re running late or even in emergencies. 

Nicer Grounds

In general, low-rise apartments tend to be built on nicer, greener landscaping. Since the buildings are smaller, it’s easier to focus on keeping better grounds with areas of grass, gardens, trees, and paths for evening strolls. 

More Amenities 

Low-rise communities are more likely to include more amenities than high-rise apartments. They often have more space and, therefore, can include things like clubhouses, pools, gyms, and more parking.

More Affordable

Because low-rise buildings tend to be on the city’s outskirts, their prices are usually more affordable. Landlords may even be more willing to negotiate their prices to fill their units, which often makes them a steal for renters. 

Downfalls of a Low Rise Apartment

While there are tons of benefits to living in a low-rise apartment, unfortunately, they do come with some downfalls.


The views you get from both low rise vs. high rise apartments will undoubtedly depend on the location. However, generally speaking, you can expect to miss out on spectacular views in a low-rise living space. High-rise spaces simply allow you to see more. 


The typical low-rise apartment building does not include an elevator, because practically, it’s just not necessary. This lack of an elevator can quickly become a hassle for things like moving in, carrying in groceries, and transporting large objects. 


A high-rise building with many residents is more likely to have more security personnel and even a concierge both day and night. On the flip side, low-rise buildings, which tend to be older, may have minimal security and outdated technology. 

Renting a low rise apartment could mean sacrificing high-quality security protection. 

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Low Rise vs. High Rise

We’ve already mentioned high-rise apartments a few times above, but what is it, and what makes it different from a low-rise building? 

Just like a low rise must be under a certain number of floors to qualify, so must a high rise. Generally, a high-rise apartment is any building that is over seven stories. More commonly, when people refer to a high-rise apartment building, they are likely referring to a building ten stories or more. 

Just as a low-rise building has both pros and cons, so does a high rise. A high-rise apartment will probably include things like comprehensive security, elevators, and a great view. 

Additionally, high-rise buildings are more likely to be closer to or directly within the city, giving you more access to entertainment and businesses. 

Some individuals may find renting an apartment in a high rise easier than a low rise because each building has more open units. This often gives you the option of which floor you’d like to live on. 

Low Rise Apartment Layout Options

Below, you can check out some standard low-rise apartment layout options such as our Ridgewood Arches apartments in Minneapolis

low rise layout

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