What Is A Duplex Apartment (Pics & Layout Options)

Updated June 8, 2021
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Duplex means two; thus, a duplex is a house that consists of two apartments. This is a multi-family building that contains two units, with one housing unit stacked on top of the other. The units can also sit side-by-side.

Duplex apartment buildings feature two separate entrances for the two units, which house two separate tenants. Each tenant has their own entrance. Ultimately, the units are identical in size. An excellent example of a duplex is a big house with two doors set side-by-side, leading to two different living spaces.

In addition to duplexes, there are also multi-unit homes called triplexes which would have three separate units. Furthermore, duplex apartments are different than twin homes, which are half-homes sitting on separate lots. A duplex housing is on one lot and often has one owner, unlike condos, twin homes, and apartments.

Duplex Layouts and Plans

There are no set rules or layouts regarding styles of duplex houses and how to distribute the functional areas. More often, though, you’ll probably see each unit stacked on top of the other. These multi-unit homes may have been converted at one point to have two units instead of one. In those cases, you might see a shared foyer but with separate doors to each unit.

Craftsman Bungalow Duplex

Craftsman Bungalow Duplex layout

The craftsman bungalow layout redefines style in duplex living. The home plan features two units with first and second floors and an open kitchen, living room, dining room, and master suite.

Bigos CTA graphic

The house has at least two bedrooms, with a his and hers bathroom on the second floor. This layout comes with a loft space for a den or lounge area. The style gives the duplex some serious appeal without cookie-cutter plans.

Contemporary Duplex Plan

contemporary duplex housing

The contemporary duplex looks like many traditional models you see. It could pass for a single-family house at first glance. This plan has two entrances: one door leading to the main floor or lower floor space, and the second one opening to the stairs and connecting to the second floor.

This house features an open layout, and the living area flows easily into the dining area and the kitchen. Each unit comes with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a private patio for outdoor entertaining.

Elevated Contemporary Duplex

elevated conptemporary duplex

At a glance, the elevated contemporary complex doesn’t appear like a duplex. The first floor is fitting for a person who prefers a more private life. The houses come with a bedroom and one bathroom, the main room, and a relatively spacious kitchen. With an open layout, the ground floor leads to the kitchen.

The second floor of this duplex features two bedrooms and a full bathroom. There’s an elevated patio sitting on the garage, which can keep two cars. The balcony offers a fabulous place to relax and gaze at the surroundings.

The Benefits of Renting a Duplex

If you’re unsure about whether you should rent a duplex, here are some benefits to help guide you through making the right decision.

More Privacy

Privacy is the utmost thing that every renter looks for when searching for a home. And duplex apartments give you that. The apartments come with large spaces and yards, which you can divide into smaller areas for more privacy. And unlike traditional apartment buildings, you have no shared hallways or common areas.

Affordable Luxury

A duplex gives you luxury at an affordable price. If you want a luxury home that’s not expensive, be sure to go with a duplex. They also present a much less costly means of purchasing a house if you’re interested in graduating from a renter to a landlord. As a landlord, the rent you charge can essentially cover the cost of your mortgage.

Large Spaces

Compared to other houses, a duplex is more spacious to fit everything. The large garages, yards, and gardens also give you more space.

Feels Like a Home

The extra space and your garage and front door make a duplex feel much more like home. There’s no disturbance from neighbors, and you don’t have to squeeze past other tenants in the hallway. Plus, there’s often more wiggle room from landlords to paint or design the space how you please.

On-site Laundry

washer and dryer in on-site laundry room

Unlike large apartment complexes, duplexes are much more likely to have pre-installed washers and dryers. And no more coin laundry! Duplexes will either have laundry in-unit, or you can find the washer and dryer in the shared basement. No more waiting for a dozen strangers’ laundry to finish or running out of quarters to dry your clothes!

Rent vs. Buy a Duplex

Before you choose any house, including a duplex, it’s essential to examine all your wants and needs in the different options you have. Whether renting or buying, rest assured that a duplex is one of the most luxurious and spacious houses you’ll find at an affordable price.

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