What Is An Alcove Apartment? (Pics and Layout Options)

Updated December 1, 2021
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Studio apartments come in various layouts and floor plans, and an alcove apartment is just one of them. They give a little bit more privacy without swaying too much from the classic studio layout.

Alcove apartments are ideal for the busy on-the-go professional or the modest minimalist who enjoys the solitude of a cozy apartment. An alcove apartment also makes a great first apartment because they’re usually compact and low on utilities.

And don’t worry, you can still make an alcove apartment cozy while still optimizing space.

If you’re wondering what an alcove apartment is and if it’ll be a good fit for you, read on.

alcove apartment bedroom

Source: Apartmenttherapy.com

What Is An Alcove Apartment?

In short, an alcove apartment is a studio apartment with a dedicated space for sleeping. This tucked-away sleeping nook is usually divided by some sort of wall, bookshelf, or divider.

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Sometimes the alcove is nothing more than a tucked-away corner in the back of the studio hidden by a wall. However, this L-shaped structure gives occupants great privacy.

An alcove apartment is similar to a traditional studio—it has a wide-open space, including your kitchen, bedroom, and living space. Both studios and alcove apartments are typically less than 650 square feet and can be decorated to separate multiple rooms.

Sleeping alcoves also maximize the amount of space in a traditional studio, which would normally have the sleeping area in the same space as everything else.

alcove apartment layout

Source: Apartmentabc.com

How Can You Make An Alcove Apartment Feel Bigger?

Alcove apartments are great for those wanting the privacy of a one-bedroom without all of the added expenses.

You can easily maximize the space of an alcove apartment by adding dividers like a wardrobe, room divider, or curtains. This way, you can maximize your sleeping nook’s coziness without sacrificing privacy.

How you position your furniture also plays a significant role in how open the apartment feels. For example, you may want to invest in a nice futon or daybed to use as a couch, but also keep your floors clear for other activities and more space. Modular furniture can be another great way to utilize the space without taking up a large area with one giant piece of furniture.

futon bed

How to Style an Alcove Apartment

Some alcoves are big enough to fit storage, making them the better option compared to a studio. With an alcove, you can include storage options such as dressers, bins, and shelves. Studios may begin to look cluttered if too much storage is added.

Another great way to maximize the space in an alcove apartment is by adding a bookshelf. If your alcove apartment doesn’t include enough division between the kitchen and your sleeping nook, you can add privacy by purchasing a wooden bookshelf off Ikea or Amazon.

Bookshelves are a great addition to any studio apartment because they add a thick wall of privacy between two spaces and also give you plenty of storage.

alcove bedroom bookshelf

Who They’re Best Suited For

Alcove apartments serve as the perfect alternative to one-bedroom apartments.

Its economical pricing is the first reason you might choose an alcove apartment over a one-bedroom.

Rental Housing Journal reported studio apartments to be about $100 cheaper in major cities such as Atlanta, GA, and Detroit, MI; although, alcove apartments are typically cheaper in smaller cities. Alcove apartments in Gainesville, FL, give you around 500 square feet of living space, with an additional 50 square feet for the alcove.

These spacious studio apartments are perfect for downsizing from a one-bedroom.

Another plus is utilities are usually cheaper in an alcove apartment. Recent grads and minimalists alike find alcove apartments attractive for several reasons aside from the price. If you’re used to having roommates, you may find an alcove apartment to be a refreshing upgrade.

You also may find an alcove apartment to be advantageous if you have a home office. The extra space eliminates the need to work on your bed.

Who They’re Not Suited For

Alcove apartments aren’t suited for roommates or individuals who like to host. The limited space makes privacy nearly impossible, so this may not be the best floor plan for multiple occupants.

If you’re a fan of natural sunlight, you also may find alcove apartments disappointing. Depending on how large your apartment’s windows are, your alcove may be positioned away from windows and doors. The lack of sunlight sometimes motivates renters towards a traditional studio or a one-bedroom.

Aside from the reduced natural light, some may argue an alcove apartment is pricier for only about 10% more square feet. So you must weigh your options heavily and find out if the small savings in cost is worth the minimal square footage lost.

However, if you’re in the market for something like a traditional studio apartment or a small unit just for one—check out our available studio apartments and small one-bedrooms. The prices vary, but you can easily upgrade to a higher tier of rent but with a lot more space. See for yourself!

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