What Is A Loft Apartment + Style & Design Options

Updated May 10, 2021
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Have you always wanted an urban living space with plenty of room? While a detached home or townhouse is likely too big for individuals or small families, studio apartments are often too small. A loft apartment is a great compromise worth considering.

What Is a Loft Apartment?

Loft apartments are originally industrial buildings converted into practical living spaces. Lofts are known to have a large, open space with features such as high ceilings, exposed beams, and often floor-to-ceiling large windows. 

Similar to a studio apartment, lofts have no internal walls except for a bathroom. But lofts are bigger in size. 

You can also utilize all that space and get a customized loft. Many property managers place staircases (vertical or spiral) that lead to an added room or more. So if you have a family, are expecting guests, or just want an extra room, a loft can manage that. 

If you prefer the modern living style and a spacious vibe, a loft is ideal for you. 

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Common Layouts

At Bigos, we believe urban living is for everyone and that it should be achievable without breaking the bank. Our Lowertown Lofts at St. Paul boasts of the industry-style detailing of brick walls, exposed beams, and high ceilings. We’ve added some modern touches to this vibe. Another bonus is that pets are allowed.

Each of our lofts comes with top-notch cabinetry, stainless-steel appliances, and even a washer/dryer to free you from laundry worries.

Lowertown Lofts are located at St. Paul’s downtown street in a 100% smoke-free community. A variety of fitness centers, health and wellness studios, movie theatre, pet spa, and more surround the area. All amenities are at a close distance and easily accessible. 

Loft Apartment Pros and Cons

Although lofts offer a modern-style living experience, they are not for everyone. Our pros and cons list will help you decide if you should rent a loft. 


Lofts have become increasingly popular in recent years, and there are several reasons why.

Customize It to Your Liking

Industrial buildings often have huge rooms with high ceilings and lofts that follow the same concept. The entire place is yours to play with, and you won’t feel trapped. Also, the tall windows are a great source of natural light. While you may enjoy the uninterrupted space, you can add dividers or a staircase to create multiple rooms.

Extra Points for Style

Lofts have that interior decor magazine-style house vibe to them and have renters going wild. The unique rustic look, exposed piping, and brick walls make them stand out in the crowd of standard wooden homes.

Get Creative with All That Open Space

You can add that L-shape sofa, lighting, and even that expensive statue without worrying about a particular corner or wall. If you want personal space, a study corner, or a home-office set-up, it’s all possible under one roof. 


There are many reasons why lofts are great options, but they’re not without drawbacks.

Lofts Are Devoid of Conventional Storage

Because lofts are more of a transition product, they lack any form of storage space. This means there are no built-in closets or kitchen cabinets. You will have to arrange all needed storage which is an added expense. 

Smells and Sounds Are Unavoidable

Lack of interior walls means any sound within the loft will echo. If you have children or pets, there is no way to escape the loud laughs, screaming, and barking noise. Also, any kind of odor will linger throughout the loft, such as pet odor, food while cooking, etc. 

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Clever Design Tips

Although a loft apartment is huge, you don’t necessarily need to fill it up with furnishings and decor. Consider these helpful tips.


  • Picture the basic setup. The first thing is to decide the color scheme of your loft. Since lofts have an industry-based connection, choose colors that fit within that theme. Think neutral schemes, white and gray tones as they compliment each other. If you want some bold hues, experiment with decor accessories and area rugs. 
  • Choose the right lighting. Choose lights to accentuate specific spaces. Oversized floor lamps, table lamps, and LED light strips are perfect for luminosity. 
  • Keep it simple. Follow the less is more approach. Invest in multiple-use furniture such as Murphy beds and day beds, use floating wall shelves for added storage and match decor items with the overall theme.


If modern living is what you desire, a loft apartment fits the bill. At Bigos, we have a wide range of loft apartments you’d love to call your dream home. Call us today.

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