Spring Cleaning in 3 Simple Steps

Updated April 4, 2023
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Spring Cleaning in 3 simple steps! Minnesota residents have lived through a historic winter in 2023. Inch upon inch of snow fell from the sky until homeowners, business owners, and renters ran out of yard and street space to dispose of the powdery precipitation. While temperatures only began to reach the low and mid forties at the end of March, above-freezing readings is all that a Minnesotan needs to begin the annual process of shirking off winter’s woes: spring cleaning. 

After long months of winter hibernation, the process can be overwhelming. We boiled it down to an easy science: the Minnesotan’s essential guide to spring cleaning

woman deep cleaning during her spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning: Deep cleaning!

Throw the windows open! Let the fresh (and maybe extra crisp, chilly) air in and the old stale air out. Not only will the new air help quickly refresh your home, a constant flow of oxygen will prevent you from breathing in chemicals during your first spring cleaning step: the deep clean. 

We’re in the business of keeping this easy for you. Follow this deep cleaning checklist before you move on the step two of spring cleaning:

  • Dust shelves and bookcases
  • Wipe down baseboards
  • Hand vacuum the corners of your closet 
  • Vacuum or sweep underneath your bed and living room furniture 
  • Wash your floors with hot water and a splash of multi-purpose cleaner

boxes with belongings to donate during spring cleaning

Evaluate Your Belongings

Sorting through your belongings is overwhelming and easy to put off throughout the year. Break down each piece of your home to keep things tidy and manageable. Move from room to room, shelf to shelf, or box to box. 

Bigos CTA graphic

Sort your items into three categories: keep, donate, throw away. 

Try to avoid donating items that aren’t in good condition. If you’re getting rid of it because it’s too worn, consider throwing it away. If you’re getting rid of it because it’s no longer your style or to your service, it may be a great item to donate to someone else. 

Items that are keepers are in decent condition, suit your life, and have hopefully been used within the last two years. If they haven’t been used more recently, evaluate whether hanging onto this item is truly worth it. 

organize everything during spring cleaning

Organize What’s Left After Spring Cleaning

Now that you’re left with only items that you actually want and clean space to store them, it’s time to get organized. Years of innovation have filled the internet with endless organizational hacks and systems. Purchasing clear, cheap, or aesthetic storage bins is a Google search away from thousands of results. 

We won’t advise you on what items to purchase, but we do offer one helpful tip: set up a system that works for the next year. 

Think beyond the present moment. What organization systems will you need when you switch out pillow covers or holiday decorations? Does your “hardly worn” laundry continue to pile up on your floor? A basket that matches your home style is a great place to toss these “wear again” items. 

Now that you’ve successfully closed out the winter season and entered the new, warm spring, grab a treat and celebrate your success! Starting the season on the right foot is key to stay organized and peaceful year-to-year. We’ll be here for you next year with our “Minnesotan’s Essential Guide to Spring Cleaning!”

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