6 Easy Kitchen Organization Hacks to Have a Tidy Apartment

Updated September 27, 2022
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When moving into a new apartment, getting organized and finding that right place for everything can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. Kitchen organization is probably one of the first places that everyone starts with when they move-in.

Everyone needs to eat! No one wants to be making dinner and then can’t find the spatula! Start off life in your new apartment by getting organized in the kitchen with these six kitchen organization tips! 

kitchen organization with drawer organizers for the silverware

Incorporate Drawer Organizers

Let’s be honest – the silverware and gadget drawers can easily become a mess quickly. For the silverware, a simple organizer can be all it takes to keep some order between the utensils. To keep the larger gadgets organized, use a moveable drawer organizer that can easily be rearranged. To free up drawer space and make it easy to use, store all your spatulas and spoons in a large utensil container.

Rack above the kitchen sink to hang rags to have some kitchen organization

Keep Dishwashing Easy With Hooks

To create fewer holes, add adhesive hooks (like command hooks) to hang pot holders, dish scrubbers, or wash clothes. By hanging these items, you can quickly grab a scrubber while your hands are all wet and soapy instead of digging through drawers. It will also be more aesthetically pleasing to see a clean and tidy kitchen sink. 

use spice jars to help keep kitchen organization

Spice Jars Are Not Only For Organization

Spicing up your food and trying new recipes tends to bring a lot of extra spices into the kitchen- which can take up a lot of space. Take the spices out of the cabinets and use your spices as décor in your kitchen. Put all the spices in cute labeled jars and store them on the side of the fridge with magnetic baskets. If you are allowed to hang items on your wall, hang these baskets on the wall to give yourself even more room!

Bigos CTA graphic

mix match dishes on a shelf

Cabinet Organization Doesn’t Have to be Hard

If you have ever moved into an apartment with a small kitchen, there is an immediate worry  about where you will put everything. When making room in your cabinets for dishes, add shelf risers to split the space vertically. You’ll get extra space and you don’t have to pull out half your dishes every time you need one plate!

If your cabinets do not go all the way to the ceiling, add baskets or larger items on top of the cabinets to store the items you only use occasionally. 

Save space by using these door hangers for things like plastic wrap and tin foil. 

A fridge full of fruits and veggies organized in containers

Keep Your Food Organized 

Raise your hand if you have found that container in the back of the fridge that looks like a science experiment. Keeping food accessible and organized is one of the best ways to not let your food go bad. 

In the refrigerator, freezer, and even on pantry shelves, use clear storage bins to help you see exactly what you have when you open the fridge (all 15 times during the day). Try cutting up all your fruits and vegetables and storing them in containers so you and your family can easily access the healthy food first!

Give your pantry the love it also needs for the dry and canned food! 

Dishes in a drying rack

Bring in Additional Storage

If an apartment has enough room near or around the kitchen, add additional shelving to accommodate some of the larger kitchen gadgets and pans that may not fit in the cabinets. Bookshelves, cubbies or industrial shelving are all excellent options for kitchen organization. You don’t even have to buy these new! Hit up a local thrift store or check on Facebook Marketplace to get gently used furniture. 

Baker’s racks are specifically designed for kitchen storage. With so many design and size options, It’s a great option to place the microwave, toaster, dishes, or food canister. It also can be a great statement piece to add style into the kitchen. If you are looking to add a little décor, try adding a plant or cookbook to bring the space together!

For those in a studio apartment with limited storage, a utility cart would be excellent for kitchen organization to stack the odds-and-ends. It is easily portable so you can always move it to make sure it’s out of the way!

No matter if you live in a big or small apartment, counter space is always sacred. Instead of a traditional drying rack that sits on your countertop, an over the sink drying rack will give you more room to use the counters during meal prep. 

Food and spices in food containers to help bring kitchen organization

Still Need More Room?

For most people, moving might not be considered fun. There is a lot of planning and packing that goes into that big moving day. But finding the perfect apartment for your season in life can be fun and stress-free! If you are in the market for a new or bigger apartment, check out these available apartments with beautiful kitchens – all ready for you to get organized! 

Do you have a favorite kitchen organization hack? Tell us about it in the comments!

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