Choosing Better Non-Toxic Cleaning Products for Your Home

Updated June 10, 2022
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A fear of many people living in the U.S. is that cleaning products in the U.S. may actually contain harmful chemicals that are toxic to both your long and short-term health. There is no federal standard for the label “natural” within cleaning product’. Often these “clean” products contain fragrances, ammoniums, phthalates, and bleaching agents that are carcinogenic, disrupt your hormones, and are linked to respiratory illnesses. Here are several widely-trusted brands of non-toxic cleaning products you can use to clean your home that many consider safe to use. 


Bon Ami Powder Cleanser

non-toxic cleaning products Bon Ami Powder Cleanser


Bon Ami is known as an effective yet gentle household scrub. This “miracle scrub” can be used as a scrubbing agent for all your countertops, bathtub scum, dirty tile floors, and that smelly kitchen sink. Bonus: you can also use this multi-faceted cleanser to polish up your cookware. It is safe to use on stainless steel, copper, brass, granite, and porcelain, plus ceramic tiles. Bon Ami uses biodegradable, hypoallergenic ingredients as an alternative to those carcinogenic ingredients, and its packaging is made from 65 percent post-consumer recycled materials. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) gives the cleanser an A rating.



Ecover Zero Dish Soap 

non-toxic cleaning products Ecover Zero Dish Soap

This fragrance-free dish soap gained the stamp of approval by the EWG, and is made up of 8 simple ingredients – all plant-based. The formula is biodegradable, never tested on animals, and is free of dyes, chlorine, and fragrances. This soap is known for being soft on the skin but tough on dishes, so it is perfectly safe for kids to use as well! This kitchen staple is only $22 for 6 bottles on Amazon. Be sure to check out Ecovers other non-toxic cleaning products like toilet bowl cleaner and multipurpose soap.



White House Lemon-Scent Cleaning Vinegar 


 Non-toxic cleaning products White House Lemon Scent Cleaning Vinegar

White House’s three-ingredient cleaning agent is about as non-toxic as you can get. This affordable cleaner is made up of distilled vinegar, water, and lemon extract and is only $3! The mixture can be used on nearly any surface. For those of you who are feeling extra crafty, try throwing in your favorite essential oil to diversify the smell. This is an excellent option for people who are sensitive to the overbearing vinegar smell. White House’s Cleaning Vinegar can be found at Walmart



Zero Plastic Toilet Bowl Cleaning Powder



Seventh Generation has grown in popularity over the years, and there is little doubt as to why. Their affordable, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly products are biodegradable, cruelty-free, and contain a BPA-free formula. A new extension of their product line has gained the likes of many green-households. Their zero plastic toilet bowl foaming cleaning is a waterless product that not only saves the environment by removing water from its formula, but the packaging also contains no plastic. Get yours today for only $10.49 on Amazon or a local grocery store near you! 

Bigos CTA graphic


Choosing Your Non-Toxic Cleaning Products 

The rule of thumb when it comes to buying non-toxic cleaning products is to do your research. Usually fewer ingredients are better. It is safe to say if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it is probably not organic and may change the way you choose to use it. For those of you who are particularly invested, consider crafting up your own non-toxic cleaning products. Perhaps for you the best non-toxic cleaning products are the classic simple mixture of baking soda or white vinegar with a citrus blast of orange or lemon essential oils. 

No matter which non-toxic cleaning products you fancy, on this list or not, be sure to dive into the labels and quickly look up your products’ safety ratings before you bring an unwanted toxic pest into your apartment home

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