7 Things to Do When You’re Stuck at Home

Updated June 3, 2020
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Throughout this pandemic, we’ve all had to find ways to stay busy and productive while staying at home. Whether you are busy working remotely or redecorating your apartment, you may still find yourself getting bored with so much time on your hands. 

We’ve named a few things to do when you’re bored at home that continues to fuel creativity and fill that time inside. These tips can be applied any time if you are over binge-watching your shows, or reach a time when you’ve run out of shows to watch — try some of these instead!

Learn a New Skill

Have you been wanting to pick up a new or old hobby, but just haven’t gotten around to it? Are you watching that guitar sit in the corner collecting dust? Now, you have no excuse!

The benefits of learning a new skill go beyond just beating boredom—it’s actually been shown to improve brain function and memory. Studies show that learning a new skill can help with cognitive function, boost memory, and make your mind and body healthier overall. 

Some skills you could learn include playing an instrument, playing a new video game, improving your flexibility, or cooking a new meal! Cooking is a great way to flex your mental muscles while also nurturing your physical body at the same time! With more time on our hands than ever, people are baking and cooking more and surprising themselves with the results!

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Do Some At-Home Workouts

With gyms remaining closed for the unforeseeable future, it remains just as important to keep moving your body whether you are at home or out in the yard. If you’re a runner, working out during this time can be super simple! All you need is a good route and some good running shoes. 

Some of us non-runners much rather pick back up that guitar after 10 years than step foot outside for fun. That’s where workout apps come in handy. There are dozens of workout apps available for FREE that include exercises that work great for working out in your small space at home. Yoga, strength training, meditation, cardio—whatever your liking—you can find something on the following apps:

Staying healthy goes beyond just working out—you should take care of your mind as well. Check out our post on 7 Ways to Stay Well While at Home.

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Improve Your Work-From-Home Set-Up

Whether working remotely is new to you or you’ve been doing it for a while, you should take some time to give it a refresh. Your set-up at home should be comfortable, accessible, and allow you to focus on your work. There are a few key components to ensure you have a good work-from-home setup, especially if you don’t have a separate office. 

  1. A comfortable chair to avoid back pain
  2. Near an outlet, so you can avoid a mess of extension cords and chargers
  3. Natural light to boost Vitamin D and ease the eyes
  4. A dedicated desk so you don’t have to work at the dining room table
  5. Some cute decor or small plants to make it more aesthetically pleasing

We did a write up on the best small desk for your apartment, as well as some tips for staying productive, and sane, as you navigate this new work of working from home. Check it out here. 

Play More Hands-on Games

As we see toilet paper and hand sanitizer flying off shelves and selling out in stores, the same has been happening with board games and puzzles. When people are stuck at home, they go back to the basics! What better way to fill your time with your family or quarantine buddies than with some simple board games. 

Some great board games for 2-3 people include Cribbage, Checkers, Boggle, simple card games, and if you feel like arguing your way through a game—start a good old game of Monopoly. Puzzles can also be a great way to spend your time at home—they’re fun, they have a beginning and an end, they don’t require any special skills, and yet they still work your brain. 

Break Out the Crafting Supplies

For those looking for a peaceful way to spend some time without phones, tablets, or TV—crafting can be a great skill to learn and help to unwind after a stressful day. 

A craft could be anything from crochet to knitting, painting or drawing, and maybe repurposing some furniture to give your apartment a new look. HGTV put together an amazingly comprehensive list of easy crafts you can do from the comfort of your home, and we are already filling our online carts with plenty of paints. 

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Read Some of These New York Times Best-Selling Novels

Did you ever tell your mom as a child that you were bored and she told you to go read a book? Well, you may not have jumped at that opportunity back then, but now is a great opportunity to get a break from screen-time while expanding your mind. 

New York Times Best-Seller list is a great resource to find various books to read if you don’t know where to start. For an extra bit of nostalgia, and to save your eyes the pain of looking at a kindle, try ordering any of these great books from Amazon.com or your other local bookstore. 

Organize Your Apartment

If you haven’t done your deep spring cleaning yet, well buckle up, because now is the perfect time to get it done! None of us ever want to do it, but without anywhere else to go, you might as well make your home as comfortable as possible. This means dusting, organizing, rearranging, and getting rid of unwanted items. Decluttering and incorporating minimalist design is important to give your mind a break.

For tips on how to best sort and organize your small space, check out our storage tips and tricks to open up your space for spring. 

Unfortunately not too many places are accepting regular donations of clothing and household goods. But if you do find things you want to purge, set them aside in storage until the time comes when you can easily donate these items. Otherwise, wash and sanitize as much as you can and try to sell your used items via Nextdoor, eBay, or other local neighborhood channels. 

Overall, we hope if you find yourself bored or looking for things to do, you are able to set that phone down and exercise your body and mind in other ways. We hope this list inspires you to stay busy and make your home nice and cozy. Check out our blog for more fun tips and tricks on how to make your apartment the home you always dreamed of.

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