Best Ways to Get Rid of Stuff When You’re Moving (Avoid Cluttering Your New Home)

Updated May 6, 2019
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Ah yes, a new home is like hitting the refresh button.

It’s a great time to take everything you loved about your old home and transfer it to your new spot. At the same time, you should also use this move to take out all the clutter and crap that you don’t need anymore.

But, what’s the best way to get rid of your stuff? You don’t want to throw it out, do you? Especially when it can still be useful to others?

To help you say farewell to some of that ‘stuff’ you’ve been hanging on to for too long, here are 5 of the best ways to get rid of stuff when moving out.

Divide Your Stuff into Keep and Get Rid of

This is probably the most difficult step when it comes to getting rid of all that clutter. It can be hard to say goodbye to some of your possessions that you’ve been hoarding all these years. But, it is all worth it in the end when you can sit back and appreciate how less cluttered your life has gotten.

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Nothing is off limits during this phase. Scrutinize every item you own and decide whether or not you’ve used it recently. Also, take the Marie Kondo method and ask yourself if it brings joy to your life. If both answers are “n,” then it’s time to get rid of them.

It’s important not to rush this part. Take the time to carefully go over everything you own and decide if you want to bring it into your new home.

Use Letgo or Craigslist

So, once you’ve created a pile of items to get rid of, you have to decide the best method of disposal.

If you have items that are worth selling and can make a little extra change on them, then use Letgo or Craigslist to place these items on the market. Both are good options and will help you justify getting rid of that sentimental item because you’re getting cash in return for it.

These two options are especially great for items that still hold a lot of monetary value (remember that bike you bought and planned to ride miles and miles each week but only used it a couple of times?).

If something doesn’t end up selling, then no worries, you can move it on to our next way to get rid of stuff.

Donate to Goodwill

Donating items to Goodwill or similar organizations is not only a great way to declutter but a fantastic way to allow items that can still be used to find a purpose with someone else.

Goodwill has been around for over 100 years and has been helping people find what they need for an affordable cost along the way. Even if you have a hard time getting rid of something, you can rest assured that it will be finding a second home when you drop it off at Goodwill.

Find a Goodwill store near you here.

Throwaway What’s Left

If you can’t sell it and can’t donate it, then the next best thing to do is just to toss it. While it would be great to find a way to repurpose all of your possessions you want to get rid of, throwing away some items is better than continuing to hoard them in your next home.

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