Twin Cities Donation Drop Offs are the Answer to Your Clutter Problems

Updated February 28, 2023
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The New Year is a time for fresh starts and resolutions. Who made a resolution to clean out that dreaded closet you’ve been putting off? Maybe spring is when you do your deep cleaning and organization. Consider donating old or unused items to different organizations throughout the Twin Cities. 

donation drop off for your gentle used items

What to donate?

Most items in your home are accepted by organizations but you should plan to double-check with the organizations you are donating to on what they do and do not accept. Some thrift stores or donation centers only specialize in certain items (i.e. clothes, books, furniture) and won’t accept certain categories, no matter the condition of the item. 

If you are donating seasonal items, try to donate them during or right before the season. Warm clothing items like winter jackets and snow pants would best be donated in the fall or during the Minnesota winter months

Anything that is damaged, torn, dirty, or dangerous is never accepted, and you should throw these items. 

woman donating gently used and near new sweaters

Donating Clothes

Gently used or never worn clothes are welcomed at donation drop offs. Look through your closets, and ask yourself “what do I not wear anymore?” or “do I still like this item?” These are the types of donations that will benefit someone else and make space in your closet.  

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Where to donate clothes?

bike in good condition getting ready for donation

Donating Books

Share the gift of reading with others by donating books that you no longer need. 

Where to donate books?

Donating Furniture

Donating furniture can be tricky. Most organizations that accept furniture have a list of regulations that they accept. Some places also offer pick up for large donations. Before driving over to any donation drop off, visit their website or give them a call to ensure your donation will be accepted.

Where to donate furniture?

Donating Household items

Especially when moving, household items can become a hassle to move or no longer work with the new apartment or house. Donate household items to 

Where to donate household items?

Donating Eyeglasses

As the years go on, glasses wearers tend to start a small stash of old eyeglasses that will never be worn again. While many people, including children, need eyeglasses to read and write, they are unable to afford eyeglasses due to the cost. Organizations like the ones listed below are able to offset the cost of eyeglasses and deliver them to individuals worldwide who will have a better life by seeing clearly. 

Where to donate eyeglasses?

Donating Bikes

If you have bikes that take up space in a garage or in the yard because they are no longer used or have been outgrown, donate them to other children that may not have a bike to ride around on. 

Where to donate bikes?

Donate Gently Used Items from Your Home

It always feels good to remove the old items and clutter from your homes. While it may be a little more effort in driving to donation centers, donating your gently used items will help others out not having to pay full price. Where is your favorite place to donate gently used items in the Twin Cities? Comment below. 


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