Make Minneapolis Parks and Recreation A Part of Your Fun Summer Plans

Updated April 11, 2023
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As the weather is warming up, Minnesotans are emerging from their homes and spending much needed time outside getting reacquainted with the sun. Minneapolis Parks and Recreation has so many options for those who may not have the luxury, like those living in apartments, to go out in their own backyard or are looking for active ways to spend the next few summer months.

Green spaces and parks offered by Minneapolis Parks and Recreation


Minneapolis Parks and and Recreation manages both neighborhood parks and regional parks throughout Minneapolis. There are more than 160 neighborhood parks which are generally smaller and predominantly serve the nearby residents. Alternatively, regional parks serve many people around Minneapolis (and beyond) and rely on funding from state and local agencies. 

All of these parks are great spaces to get outside, meet up with friends, and enjoy the green spaces that you may not have at your own apartment or home. All of the parks are open from 6:00 a.m.-midnight in developed areas and 6:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. in undeveloped areas. 

During the long summer months, grab a picnic blanket, yard games, a good book, and a picnic lunch and get some vitamin D while enjoying the outdoors.

children playing outside


The Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board offers activities for all ages and a variety of hobbies to choose from: sports, camps, nature, and art. These are easy and affordable ways to connect with other people who have like-minded interests. 

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Minneapolis youth have many opportunities to participate in camps in activities they already know and love all summer long! But, maybe more importantly, this is a great opportunity for them to try new things with skilled instructors who will teach and support them in this new endeavor. Summer can be tough on parents juggling child care; enrolling your youth-aged children in camps is a great option for ensuring they are being looked after, having a blast, and learning. 

The opportunities in camps are endless. Does your child have interest in learning how to skateboard? There’s a camp for that. How about coding? You got it! Maybe you have an athlete on your hands, an outdoor enthusiast, a future scientist, or the next Picasso; the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation offers a camp in all those areas of interest! 


If you love team sports, sign up for one of the many leagues offered through Minneapolis Parks and Recreation

Adult Leagues

Meet new people by joining an adult league! Pickleball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and kickball are some of the leagues you can be a part of. Get a group of your friends together so you have a reason to hang out each week and an added bonus of consistent exercise. Register this spring on Minneapolis Parks and Recreation’s website so you’re set for summer!

Youth Leagues

Sport leagues aren’t only for adults. Sports not only develop physical skills, they also help develop new social skills. Youth sports programs are a fun and safe place to introduce your child to the world of team sports. All of the teams are coached by supportive and knowledgeable staff. Register your child(ren) online for gymnastics, flag football, baseball, softball, or track and field through the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation

kayaks available for rent with the Minneapolis Parks & Recreation


Have you always wanted to try canoeing, kayaking, or paddle boarding? Many Minnesotans can relate! Rent the equipment right from Minneapolis Parks & Recreation. Not only do they offer equipment rentals, you can host special events, meetings, holiday celebrations, birthday parties, or other special events right at the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Center. There’s no need to clean your apartment or try to add more tables into a space that is already crowded. 

The rentals go way beyond just the center and equipment. You can also rent picnic sites, bicycles, beach spaces, water parks, and so much more. Check out all the rental offerings that you and your friends and family can enjoy all year long!

child playing in the water with pool toys

With long Minnesota winters, take full advantage of summer season in your “backyard” through the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation. From classes to camps and other outdoor activities, you can thoroughly enjoy the long summer days. If you are planning to move this summer, many of Bigos Management’s Minneapolis apartments are located close to the activities hosted by Minneapolis Parks and Recreation, so you won’t miss a thing.

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