Best 5 Amazon Apartment Buys for Your Kids

Updated February 14, 2023
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Let’s talk about the best apartment buys for your kids! Living in an apartment has many perks, especially in a city. However, one disadvantage is the amount of space an apartment offers. There are many ways to maximize space, even in a studio apartment. But it’s a whole other challenge when you have a family. To make it easier, here are our best apartment buys for your kids. 

masks and dress up clothes are great apartment buys for your kids

Dress Up Clothes

Make your home anywhere you can imagine with make-believe play. Your child can pretend to be their favorite superhero, tv character, princess, and more! The options are truly endless when it’s based on your imagination.

Buy dress-up clothes new on Amazon or visit local thrift and vintage stores or costume-like wearables.

bath toys for kids

Bath Toys

When space is limited, it’s essential to utilize every inch of space in your home – even the bathtub! Target has seemingly endless bath toy options grouped by ages and even a little bit of scrolling will reveal toys that are designed to your child’s unique hobbies and interests.

And don’t forget about storage! This bathtub corner organizer keeps toys contained, dry, and tucked away when playtime is over. 

Bigos CTA graphic

organization tools, desk organizer, and more for kids and adults

Organization Tools

Speaking of organization, keeping your apartment tidied is key to a peaceful lifestyle. “A home for everything” is many home organizer influencers’ motto. One popular home organization influencer is TikToker Teresa Caruso.

Luckily for each of us, Caruso organizes her Amazon storefront by category so you can quickly find solutions for your kitchen, bathroom, and car spaces, and much more!

apartment buys for your kids can be a Tablet or and e-reader

Tablet / E-Reader

Another great space-saver in your home could be the purchase of a tablet or e-reader. Not only are you saving the space of multiple books to just one device, but you may also be saving money on purchasing expensive hard-cover books!

Libby is a great tool for borrowing digital books from your local library from the comfort of your own home. 

Here are some of our top-picks for tablets and e-readers for your family: 

OK to Get Up clock for kids

“Ok to Get Up” Clock

Picture yourself on an average Saturday morning. The sun has barely peaked out of the clouds, and you’re sleeping peacefully when suddenly an extra set of flailing arms and legs pounce, jarring you from your slumber. 


While these moments are simply part of being parents and can even be delightful, sometimes setting morning expectations with your early riser is necessary and benefits the whole family. Parents can purchase an “Ok to Get Up” clock which displays a smiley face and light color change, signaling that it’s “ok” for your child to leave their room and get up for the day. 


Both apartment living and parenting come with many joys as well as the need for a little extra creative problem-solving. These top-picks for apartment buys for your kids will make your life smooth, organized, and just a little more fun. 


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