8 Services to Make Your Apartment Living Easier (Never Leave Your Apartment Again)

Updated May 22, 2019
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Apartment living is convenient — no lawn to mow. Maintenance gets taken care of by management — tons of amenities.

The list goes on. That’s what makes apartment living a top choice, from those who aren’t ready for a house to people who just want less stuff to worry about when it comes to their home.

Even with all the additional benefits that come with apartment living, there are still some fantastic services to look into that will further the convenience of apartment living.

Here are 8 services that you should take advantage of to make apartment living all the more easier.


There are many like it, but Postmates is the largest on-demand food delivery service. They cover most cities and restaurants, as well as deliver groceries and alcohol in under an hour. So, if you find that your wine night is cut short by an empty bottle and a finished plate of cheese, Postmates can help you out in a pinch.

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Postmates receives fantastic reviews and is a great service to take advantage of if you haven’t yet. Few things are better than getting one of your favorite dishes from one of your favorite restaurants delivered to your home.


You love dogs. We love dogs. Wag! loves dogs.

For apartment owners with dogs, it can be challenging to make sure that your dog gets enough exercise during the day to stay fit and healthy. Sometimes you get stuck at work longer than you anticipated, and you need to get back to let your dog out, but you simply cannot. Luckily, that’s where Wag! comes in.

“Anytime I’m stuck at work late or sitting in traffic, I know I can depend on Wag! to come through for me and my pup,” says a testimonial on Wag!’s website.

Wag! offers dog walks, sitting, and boarding services for you and your dog. Soon, they will also be adding a daycare service.


So by now, you’ve probably heard of Lyft and Uber, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth mentioning.

Both of these ride-sharing apps do wonders for those who live in apartments. Many apartment-dwellers are limited on transportation because parking costs are too high and, if they are located near or in a city, they can get everywhere by biking, walking, or public transportation.

However, sometimes Lyft and Uber can come in clutch for when you need to get somewhere that is too far or need to get somewhere fast. These two apps will be around for a while, so if you haven’t started to use them, now is the time.


Not everyone is handy. Also, not everyone has the time to spend three hours trying to assemble some furniture when the instructions are too complicated and don’t make any sense.

That’s where Handy comes in. This service provider allows you to find someone nearby who has experience in either home cleaning, furniture assembly, TV mounting, wall hanging, and more.

This service is incredibly convenient and can help with a multitude of different projects and tasks. If you wouldn’t consider yourself a handy person, then the next move you make after going to IKEA should be to visit Handy.

Walmart Grocery

Lost in the shuffle of Amazon’s delivery services has been Walmart Grocery, which is doing some fantastic things in the field of food delivery services.

Walmart’s Grocery Delivery service lets you schedule a drop-off time when it is most convenient for you at your home or office. Not to mention, it is difficult to beat their prices. Next time you need to go grocery shopping, it’s worth checking out Walmart Grocery Delivery.

Stitch Fix

How does it sound to have fashionable clothes that fit your style delivered to your apartment, and then you only have to pay for the ones you keep and can simply send back what you don’t like?

Sounds pretty good right? Well, with Stich Fix, you can get your own personal stylist who pairs up outfits and clothes with what you like, and then you will receive quality clothes at your doorstep days later. For those who hate shopping or simply can’t find anything they like, we definitely recommend this clothing-delivery service provider.


So you can get clothes and food delivered to your apartment, so why not dental hygiene supplies too? Quip has cornered this niche market by offering high-quality electric toothbrushes, and fresh brush head refills every three months before they become unhygienic and incapable of cleaning.

The health of your teeth and gums are important, and Quip takes care of your dental hygiene while allowing you never to leave home.


Is there anyone out there who enjoys doing laundry?

Luckily, Delivery has since come along so you can spend less time making sure you have clean clothes and more time doing other things. Through their service, you can pick a cleaner that has the best ratings and price, customize the service you want to be done on your clothes, and then schedule a pickup and delivery time.

As Delivery says on their website, leave the laundry to the pros. You’ve got better things to do.

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