6 Easy Ways to Utilize Books in Your Home Décor

Updated September 6, 2022
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Books are one of the few décor pieces that can fit into any aesthetic. Are you already embracing an elevated look using books? This checklist will inspire your creative side with new ways to express your intellect and interests in your home.

colorful books

Add Color to Your Home

A popular use of books in home décor is using them as a source of color. If you are looking to define a specific color scheme in a space, books are an easy go-to. Books come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. For some, one-to-two colors is enough to round out the room. For others, more eccentric and colorful books add a splash of interest to the walls. 

wrap neutral covers for books

Wrap Ugly Book Covers

Have you ever absolutely loved a book but hated the cover? With sites like Canva, GraphicSprings, and Visme, you can design new covers for your books to fit your home’s style. Make them all uniform, or just change up the ones you don’t like. The world is your oyster.

coffee table books with coffee and flowers

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books serve multiple functions. They can start conversations, showcase an interest of yours, match the seasonal décor, or just look really great with your space. These books look great stacked or alone. Don’t want a book? Pick out your favorite magazine with an interesting cover.

seasonal books and coffee

Seasonal Books

Having books for every season can keep your space fresh throughout the year. If you decorate for fall, consider purchasing books of autumnal colors, or something a little spooky for Halloween. A holiday book is also easily reusable from year to year, giving your space a timeless (and nostalgic) feeling.

Bigos CTA graphic

vintage books on a bookshelf

Find Vintage Books

Vintage books make a statement in any space. Whether they line your shelves, are bases for other decorations, or stand alone on an end table, vintage books communicate class, interest, and originality. They are easy to find, too! Check out any antique store, secondhand shop, or book store for the old-school touch.

colorful books on a bookcase

Embrace Bookcases

No matter your aesthetic, bookcases are your staple. Line the shelves with books you’ve read or will never read, accent your favorites with picture frames or figurines, and showcase your personality. A lot can be learned about a person by the books they pick to display, so be sure to parade your favorites.

Bookcases can also make a space feel taller if you’re feeling crunched for room. Vertical space can be utilized in many different ways, so this might be the perfect solution to storing your growing book collection!

There are so many different ways to use books in your home. Whether you like to read them or never crack them open, books elevate a space’s style with timeless grandeur.

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