12 Desk Organization Tips You Need to Try at Home

Updated September 8, 2020
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Many of us have experienced working from home for the first time, and even if you are a WFH veteran, desk organization is key to maintaining a productive, inspiring workspace. We’ve got some tips that can help you keep your desk organized in new and creative ways.

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Use a Laptop Riser

A laptop riser not only makes your desk space more ergonomic but can open up even more space for extra storage and space to work. You don’t have to get an actual laptop riser either. Use a simple wooden box or vintage cigar box, or anything else you have lying around that could work as a riser. It lifts your laptop or monitors up a little higher, and if you use a box, you can utilize the storage space underneath.

Save Space With a Clip-On Lamp

Even a small desk lamp can take up quite a bit of desk space at the base. So, utilizing a clap-on lamp can save a ton of space while making it super easy to change where you want your lighting depending on the time of day.

Cord Organizers are Your Best Friend

It doesn’t take long for your desk area to be overcome with cords. A cord organizer sleeve or box can help alleviate the mess of cables from your computer chargers, HDMI cords, lamps, phone chargers, etc. Plus, you can get them to match your color scheme to become virtually unnoticeable.

Hang a Shelf or Box Over Your Desk

Just like utilizing the space underneath your desk, you should utilize the space above your desk as well. Hanging shelves one over the other fully uses that open space above your desk. Installing a wooden box or shadow box can be even more useful because you don’t need bookends to keep things on the shelf, and you can easily set things on top and hang things from the bottom. It’s a 3-in-1 shelf!

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Utensil Trays Work Great for Drawer Storage

There’s no need to spend extra money on a desk organizer. Simply head to the kitchen section of your local Target or Walgreens and find yourself a cheap kitchen utensil tray. They are affordable and easily fit pens, pencils, and other office supplies. Plus, if they’re inside the drawer, they don’t need to be cute, do they?

Store Commonly Used Items in Cups on a Lazy Susan

If you are continually using pens, pencils, markers, or other items, one way to keep them organized but accessible is to store them on the desk, in organizing cups or boxes, but on top of a small lazy Susan. A lazy Susan means you can turn what you need toward you without having to reach or stand up to find something. That’s convenient!

Pegboards Can Provide Multi-Functional Storage

Pegboards are a board with holes in it that can be custom-sized to fit your needs. You can hang shelves, storage racks, cups—you name it. Also, any easy way to store books or magazines is by attaching a small ledge and using thick rubber bands or bungee cords to hold them in place. You can have yourself an easy-access magazine rack!

Hooks or Coat Racks Work Great to Hang Cords and Chargers

Don’t want to dig into a drawer every time you need a cord? No problem. Hanging hooks or a small coat rack above your desk can be a quick and easy spot to hang and organize cords. You could have one place for your HDMIs, one spot for phone chargers, and another for headphones. It’s easy to access while also keeping it off of your desktop.

Use a Tray or Shallow Basket to Organize Desk Decor

Your desk can go from cluttered to cute in two seconds, just by setting your personal decor into a shallow tray or basket. By gathering the pieces into one place, it allows you to keep your personal touch while maintaining a clean, clutter-free work environment.

Put Plants on Plant Stands or Shelves Rather Than the Desktop

Live (or fake) plants can liven up a workspace. But, they can also take up a lot of room. Instead of filling the desktop with plant pots, hang them above your desk or set a tall plant stand right next to your desk. You can still get the fresh feel of plant-life in your workspace without sacrificing the desktop. Or, get taller plants to set on the floor next to your desk like bamboo, palms, or cacti.

Utilize the Space Under Your Desk

The space underneath your desk is underutilized and is perfect for storing things in rolling shelves or drawers, while keeping it invisible and out of the way. To fully get the most out of under the desk storage, invest in bathroom or closet organizers that have pull-out drawers. You can easily access any tools or materials you need without having to climb under the desk.

Magnetic Knife Strips Can Hold Small Metal Tools

If your desk is used for making art or crafts, then you probably use a lot of various tools. Luckily, rather than shoving all your tools into a storage cup or in a drawer, you can stick them to a magnetic strip hung on the wall. Paintbrushes, pliers, even pencils all have metal that can stick to it. You can save your desk for working space, and not a tool space.


Your working environment should be a place where you can sit down, feel inspired and motivated, and get some work done. Mess and clutter can often distract from that and lead to a much longer, stressful workday. Remember, you don’t need to have a spare room to have a home office. You can utilize the space you have, and using these organization techniques, you can make a very cute, very functional workspace. Check out our post for small desk ideas for your apartment space. Happy organizing!

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