7 Helpful Tips to Maintaining your Mental Health when Working From Home

Updated October 4, 2022
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When the pandemic hit in 2020, so many things changed including where people call their “office.” Many became remote or hybrid employees as a result. While there are many benefits to working remotely, maintaining your mental health can be challenging. Use these seven tips to practice maintaining your mental health while working remotely. 

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Make a dedicated workspace

Whether you live in an apartment or house, make a section of your home dedicated to work. If possible this section should only be used for when you are working. Try to not have a desk in your bedroom, this will allow you to use your bedroom for only rest and relaxation. 

Once you find your spot, get your home office organized and comfortable! Add a desk (try a standing desk for more flexibility), a comfortable chair, additional lighting, office supplies, another monitor and any décor that will make your workspace feel like your own style

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Create boundaries between work and life

While working from home can be quite convenient, it’s also tempting to continue to work later or at times you’d never have worked if you were in the office. Boundaries between work and personal life can be easily crossed, but need to be strictly followed for maintaining your mental health

To stay productive at work and feel relaxed during your off hours, try these steps to disconnect from your job while at home to create boundaries.

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  • Set standard working hours – make it known with coworkers when you will be online and available 
  • Shut your computer off when you are done with work
  • Mute notifications so you can’t hear emails after hours 
  • Remove work emails from your phone

maintaining your mental health while working from home by walking your dog

Move your body

Moving your body at least 30 minutes a day is extremely important for maintaining your mental health and your overall health. Before you begin your day, take your furry-friend on a short walk around the neighborhood to get your blood flowing so you will be alert and ready to start your day when you sit down at your computer. 

During your lunch break, take this opportunity to step away from your computer. Take a walk, go outside, do house chores, go grocery shopping or make a quick errand – anything to get you moving and away from the computer screen.

Sitting puts a lot of extra strain on your body – make sure to stand up and stretch every hour. 

maintaining your mental health while working from home by reducing screen time before bed

Remove screen time at night

Since you are staring at a screen for 8+ hours a day, try to reduce your screen time after working hours to give your eyes a break. Instead of spending time on your phone or watching TV, incorporate more hands-on activities into your nightly routine.

Reading, exercising, puzzles, crafts, hobbies, exploring outdoors, and spending time with family and friends are all great alternatives to screen time. 

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Stick to a routine

As wonderful as it sounds to roll out of bed and go sit at your computer to begin your day, sticking to a routine is extremely important. During the time you may have been getting ready for work and commuting, create a morning routine with reading, exercise, journaling, quiet time or meditation to positively wake yourself up. 

At night, stick to a simple routine to decompress and enjoy life before you need to wind down before bed. 

eating a salad at a table for maintaining your mental health while working from home

Take breaks

Make sure to take your lunch break to eat lunch and most importantly give yourself a break. It’s tempting to grab food and sit back down at your desk – we’ve all done it before! But stepping away from the work will give your mind a break, a moment of disconnect to charge back up for the second part of your day.

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Stay connected to people 

Make sure that you are still connecting to individuals in person even if you work remotely. Meeting coworkers in person may be impossible due to distance but connection is important in maintaining your mental health.

As more and more things open, find community with local groups who share similar interests. Many communities like Minneapolis and St. Paul hosts community education classes in a variety of topics like art, music, fitness, culinary, technology and so much more. 

If you are looking for a larger apartment to accommodate working from home, Bigos Management offers apartments throughout the Twin Cities with a wide variety of floor plans and amenities to fit all your needs. We are happy to help you find your perfect apartment to keep you maintaining your mental health!

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