Scary or Cute? Get in the Spirit With 4 Halloween Apartment Decorating Ideas!

Updated October 10, 2022
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Are you ready to get into the spooky holiday spirit? Whether you transform your space into a personal haunted house or hang up a couple of cute ghosts, Halloween is a fun time of year to try something new with your Halloween apartment decorating

Best Places to Buy Halloween Décor

During the month of October (and maybe a month or two beforehand), it seems there’s a ghastly ghoul or a smiling pumpkin at every turn. When it comes time to find decorations that actually fit your aesthetic, it can seem overwhelming. Below is a list of some great décor resources for your Halloween apartment decorating:

For the Intense Halloween Fans:

For the Causal Halloween Enthusiast:

Spirit Halloween Store for Halloween apartment decorating

Spirit Halloweens pop up at every twist and turn. They are not for the faint of heart, however! If haunted houses and cackling animatronics are not for you, we suggest you skip this stop. Party City is a safer alternative if you want to avoid scaring your neighbors too badly!

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If you hope to accent your home with aesthetically pleasing, cute Halloween décor, we suggest heading to your local craft store or the seasonal section of Target for your Halloween apartment decorating. The $5 bins at the front of the store tend to have adorable pumpkins, small candles, and awesome fall-themed hand towels. If you’re willing to spend more than $5, HomeGoods has a plethora of ceramic pumpkins, Halloween figurines, fall wreaths, throw pillows, and more!

Original Halloween Apartment Décor is the BEST Halloween Décor: 3 Easy DIY Projects

The best way to stand out from the rest is to create your own décor! Turn on a spooky movie, get yourself a pumpkin-spice latte, and light a candle while you tackle these 3 easy DIY projects!

pumpkin coasters for halloween apartment decorating

Pompom Halloween Pumpkin Coasters


  • Orange PomPoms (approximately 100 ct 10mm per 100mm coaster)
  • Black PomPoms (approximately 25 ct 10mm per 100mm coaster
  • Green felt
  • Cork coasters (100mm diameter)
  • Glue gun
  • Sharpie


Simply draw your pumpkin’s face design on the cork coaster and hot glue on the pompoms. We suggest filling in the black pompoms first, followed by attaching the green felt (as the stem), and then filling in the rest with your orange pompoms.

Source: DIY Halloween Gift: Easy PomPom Pumpkin Coasters – The Mummy Front

snake wreath

DIY Snake Wreath

Do you want your neighbors to know how much you love Halloween, but you don’t want to be outrageous about it? Try out this spooky but sleek DIY.


  • Twine/twig wreath
  • A bunch of rubber snakes of different sizes (you decide how many you want!)
  • Black spray paint
  • Hot glue gun


Spray paint your wreath and your rubber snakes (yes, the ones your siblings scared you with when you were younger) to be completely black. Please use safety precautions when spray painting, and ensure you are wearing proper protection. Once your pieces are dry, hot glue the snakes onto the wreath. Soon it will appear that the twigs are more snakes wrapping all around each other. Very spooky!

Source: Super spooky last-minute DIYs to get your front porch Halloween-ready | CBC Life

skull shaped gold bookends

Metallic Skull Bookends

Martha Stewart strikes again! This fun and easy DIY is simple, yet effective. This might even be décor you want to keep out year round.


  • Plaster skull
  • Hand saw or serrated knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Standard metal bookends
  • Metallic gold (or your color of choice) acrylic paint


Begin by sawing your plaster skull in half. Attach the standard metal bookends to the skull halves with hot glue, and allow time to dry. Then, paint the entire skull in the paint of your choosing. Once it’s dry, arrange the skulls with your favorite seasonal books for a spooky bookshelf.

Source: Halloween Skull Bookends | Martha Stewart

Share your Halloween apartment decorating with us in the comments! If you are looking for your new apartment to decorate each season, Bigos Management is happy to help in your apartment search!

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