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Updated June 3, 2020
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One way this pandemic has changed the landscape of real estate is by limiting the in-person viewings of apartments and homes. But that didn’t stop us from still providing the very best visibility of available units. We are here to make your search as easy as possible. Please note that beginning June 1st, 2020, our office will be open by appointment only to provide apartment tours in addition to virtual tours.

We have done many things to ensure virtual tours are as inclusive to in-person using high-quality imagery, detailed floorplans, and 3D imaging tools. We have been able to provide high quality images and videos to prospective tenants without missing a beat. 

We understand that having to move anytime, but especially now, can be stressful and overwhelming. Being able to enhance the virtual apartment tour experience has been a way to continue to provide service to prospective renters and homebuyers and has become a top priority of ours. 

We are excited that the tools we’ve implemented recently can be used for many years to come. They can make the entire hunt for a new home more accessible than ever. There are some major benefits to an apartment virtual tour that make renting your next home as seamless as possible.

Benefits of Taking an Apartment Virtual Tour

Currently, the benefits of taking a virtual apartment tour include being able to view possible rentals before ever having to step foot in a unit. You can see apartments via detailed images and videos, before meeting a property manager in person. 

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Virtual apartment tours also ease the pain of having to find time in a busy schedule to view an apartment within specific time constraints. Many apartment complexes limit apartment viewings to within the usual nine-to-five hours of the day, which is when a majority of people are working. This can mean making an appointment to view an apartment, that you may or may not rent, becomes as difficult as having to schedule a doctor’s appointment during work hours. 

Having the flexibility to view high-quality images, video, and even 3D renderings of properties before making a decision to rent or not can alleviate that time allotment. Plus, it frees up more time in your search for a new home as well. 

How We Provide Apartment Virtual Tours

Supplying good, high-quality images of all rooms at various angles is the first step in allowing future renters to get a good glimpse of available units. Second, provide interactive floor plans and measurement tools that will enable interested renters to design their future home layouts with furniture configurations and more. Third, sharing 3D renderings or high-quality videos of available properties. And lastly, making live facetime tours accessible to those tenants who request the service. 

Providing High-Quality Images of Each Layout

The right way to provide property images is to ensure all variations of available units are taken and shared on your website. Each studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom floorplan has its own individual images. Sharing like images of units can give an idea, but make it hard to envision how the actual layout of an apartment is and how furniture could be configured. 

Interactive Floor Plans and Measurement Tools

Floorplans can provide a birds-eye view of the layout, which gives a better idea of what furniture could fit into the space, without ever stepping into a unit. 

Bigos offers a unique design software that allows interested parties to “design” their apartment using aerial view floorplans and an interactive tool to place the furniture and decor. This can help determine if an apartment would actually fit your current belongings, and can help in deciding how much you are willing to part with in order to move in. 

Lastly, using our 3D tour software Matterport, users get a 3D viewing of the apartment. They can then choose the measurement feature that allows them to set points along a wall or space. This can come in extremely handy when tenants are deciding whether or not to drag their modern sofa with or get a new one to fit the space. Plus, it’s just another fun way to plan ahead and play around during the decision process. 

3D Renderings and Video Walk-Throughs

Similar to what we mentioned above, 3D renderings and actual videos of existing units can be all someone may need to decide whether they want to take the next step towards signing a lease or not. Pictures only do an apartment so much justice when it comes to getting a realistic visualization of the space. 

Especially when fisheye lenses are used to capture the full space—they can skew the image to the point of not being able to tell the actual size of a room or apartment by looking. But, fish eye lenses do help capture the entire space when it can be challenging to use a standard wide-angle lens. 

Live Apartment Tours over Zoom

At Bigos, we’ve been offering Zoom meetings for live tours, which makes it incredibly easy for all users as no one needs to have any individual access or an account to Facebook or have it be dependent on their phone carrier. 


We have plenty of units available across the Twin Cities — call 763-367-7400 to schedule your appointment-only virtual or in-person viewing today!

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