4 Twin Cities Dog-Friendly Coffee Shops/Restaurants/Breweries You Absolutely Must Visit this Fall!

Updated September 13, 2022
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As the summer weather cools off, Minnesotans all over the Twin Cities scramble to take advantage of the last glorious weeks before the cold winter sets in. Looking to make the most of this fall? Here are our top dog-friendly establishments for both you and your dog!

Unleased dog-friendly restaurants

Unleashed Hounds and Hops

Though this restaurant brewery and dog park combo is only a few years old, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a North Loop pet owner who hasn’t heard of this amazing spot. Unleashed offers both indoor and outdoor dog park areas with trained pet attendants to offer treats and monitor your dog’s play so that you can enjoy time with your friends. 

If you don’t drink or are looking to take a break, Unleashed offers more than brews. Try their non-alcoholic beverage substitutes or opt for an appetizer treat instead!

If you plan to visit, you are required to register your dog ahead of your visit. 

Pub 819

Their slogan says it all: whiskey, beer, and burgers. If you’re looking for a classic and hearty experience for both you and your pup, try Pub 819! Their menu boasts of featuring “Minneapolis’ only three-course menu for dogs” complete with entrees, dog brews, and desserts. 

Bigos CTA graphic

The dog-friendliness of Pub 819 happens out on the Paw-tio (patio). Leashes are required, and they exercise a zero-tolerance policy for aggressive pets, making this a safe place for your dog to enjoy. 

Nine Mile Brewing

Short, sweet, and simple. Nine Mile Brewing’s asks for dogs are to stay on leash and use their “inside voices.” 

Nine Mile Brewing is new to the Bloomington area and is the perfect place to work from “home” or celebrate happy hour. They provide guest Wi-Fi and a variety of spaces to hang out – from a patio to the taproom to a 2,000 square foot rentable room with audio/visual setup capabilities. 

We see a “bring your pet” off-site meeting with coworkers in your future!

Smith Coffee & Café

If coffee is more your speed, there are a number of dog-friendly coffee shops in the Twin Cities metro area. Grab a puppucino for here or to stay. Smith Coffee & Café in Eden Prairie provides a dog-friendly patio. But they offer a few other fun, unique activities that you could participate in with or without your furry friend

Wednesdays are deemed the official “pizza night.” Order online and enjoy their pizza at home or at Smith. Sheldon’s Wrench is a treasure hunt hosted by Smith Coffee & Café. Check their website for details on the next clue’s release, but the treasure hunt begins at the café before spanning across the entire city of Eden Prairie. If you are on the hunt, share your journey with us!

If the Twin Cities are anything, they are dog-friendly with dozens of shops and restaurants for you to enjoy with a four-legged friend. What are your favorites to add to our list?

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