5 Helpful Tips for Owning a Dog in an Apartment

Updated August 23, 2022
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Owning a dog is a blast, but having a dog in an apartment presents some challenges. You shouldn’t forgo your dream of being a dog-parent because of your home, so here are some tips to make it easier for both you and your furry friend!

dog in a park getting pet by the owner

Find a pet-friendly community

Most apartments are pet-friendly (almost all Bigos Management properties are dog friendly, and all are pet-friendly), however, it is important that the surrounding community can also cater to your dog’s needs. Green space within walkable distance, walking paths, and space for your critter to run around are all very important things to look for when searching for a home.

dog in an apartment getting belly rubs on the couch

Keep a tidy home

Your pet needs personal space just as much as you do. In order for your pet’s space not to encroach on your own (or take over your home), keeping bins to organize toys, food, and leashes can help tidy up a space. It’s also a good idea to get a dog bed or cushions specifically for your dog if you don’t want them claiming your bed or couch!

Dog in an apartment laying in their crate with the door open

Train your dog to love their crate

Crates can be very helpful if you have to leave during the day, or if you’re worried about keeping your dog quiet during the day. If your dog loves their crate, they won’t mind being in it for periods of time.

Having a dog in an apartment that spends time in crates often doesn’t have as many accidents as a dog who has the run of the place while you’re gone. We recommend getting your dog used to their crate right away by using lots of yummy treats and toys!

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Dog on a leash laying next to owners feet while looking up at the owner

Potty training

It may seem obvious, but life with a dog in an apartment will be a thousand times easier if your dog can communicate when they have to go. There are plenty of methods online for training your dog to communicate with you, such as the bell method. No one likes cleaning up accidents, so the sooner you get your pup on a potty schedule, the easier your life is going to be!

dog sitting on the sidewalk with their own who is sitting on a park bench

Try to keep barking to a minimum

No one likes it when their neighbors have a talkative dog. If you’re searching for a dog, it’s worth researching the breed to see how talkative they are. If you already fell in love with your pooch, research methods to keep their volume to a minimum. It’s important to be courteous to those living around you, especially if you would like them to be courteous to you and your pet!

Your home is as much your four-legged friend’s as it is yours. Choose a space they will love! 

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