Adding a Bohemian Style to Your Home Decor

Updated December 2, 2022
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Bohemian style, also (and sometimes more frequently) referred to as “Boho,” is an aesthetic characterized by its air of free-spiritedness, expression, and mixing of patterns. It’s an easy aesthetic to accomplish due to how personal it can be. Do you want to add a touch of personal decor to your apartment? We’ll be addressing what Boho style looks like and where you can find pieces for your home.

bohemian style living room with lots of color

What is the History of the Bohemian Style?

The Bohemian style dates all the way back to the French Revolution. A group of people from a region called Bohemia (a western region of the Czech Republic) were known for being artistic, musical, and spiritual. They initially were considered vagabonds, which is why this style appeals to those who embrace van life or inexpensive travel today. 

Thankfully, the French have always been very progressive when it comes to the arts. Bohemian style was accepted and adopted, though still seen as unconventional. It wasn’t until the 1960’s and 70’s that it caught hold in the fashion world. This is why the style is most commonly associated with the hippies of those times although Bohemian is slightly different. Nonetheless, these groups of people spread the Boho aesthetic far and wide, leading to its resurgence today.

bohemian style living room with neutral colors

What Does Boho Style Look Like?

Boho is often misinterpreted as hippie. Although hippie is a good place to start when imagining Boho, there are some key differences. Boho tends to encourage a romantic twist that hints at nomadic living, rather than hippie style which is a politically-rooted view of how someone should live.

Bohemian is characterized by its eclectic decor, colorful fabric, and mixing of patterns and textures to create a relaxing, layered design. The key to boho is ambiance! Your goal should be to create a space that is comfortable, relaxing, and maximalist.

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Boho style often uses earth tones paired with both warm and cool vibrant colors. The earth tones ground the vibrant pops of color. Imagine a white-cushioned wicker chair with a bright, jewel-toned blanket draped over it. The white and wicker balance out the bright blanket while giving the space a cozy ambiance.

bohemian style chair and desk with plants

Where Can I Find Bohemian Style Pieces?

There are so many places that offer great Bohemian pieces. The fun of this style is that you shouldn’t find every one of your pieces in one place. Have fun mixing and matching, waiting until a piece speaks to you, or buying lots of non-matching pieces from all over! Boho style should be uniquely YOU, so don’t be afraid of thinking outside of the box.

Below are some stores that sell beautiful, good-quality pieces for your Boho home:

Boho Style in the Twin Cities

There are also so many boutiques and small businesses in Minnesota that have one-of-a-kind Boho decor. Take a look in your area for unique shops that will carry pieces no one else has!

Look for wicker pieces, such as a wicker armchair, a throw blanket basket, or side tables. Try pairing wicker pieces with lush, comfortable ones, like a bright statement couch. Incorporate lots of throw pillows, blankets, and decorative patterns into your space to make it feel more eclectic. One option may be to use mismatched picture frames, extensive candles, hanging plants, and interesting lighting. z

Allow your creativity and imagination to run wild because there is truly no wrong way to explore the Bohemian aesthetic

If the Bohemian aesthetic isn’t speaking to your sensibilities, nearly limitless decor styles exist. Try our articles on Art Deco or Vintage Style.

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