Apartment Design Inspiration for a 2020 Home Makeover

Updated May 7, 2020
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Looking to revamp your apartment this Spring? We’ve got some of our favorite apartment design inspiration for you. From CB2 to IKEA, we have the best #apartmentgoals to give you just the inspiration you need to spruce up your place.

Apartment Design Inspiration for 2020

Living in a small space like an apartment, and in a space where you can’t renovate or demo anything, it’s fun to toy around with different design elements that you can change. It’s amazing what you can do with paint, temporary wallpaper, furniture, rugs, and decor to give your apartment a full makeover.

Temporary Murals and Wallpaper

Local company Murals Your Way creates pre-made and custom murals that can be easily installed and removed from your apartment wall, with no damage done. You can purchase their pre-made murals that come in sizes that are easily cut and customizable to any sized wall in your apartment. You can get landscapes, floral patterns, geometric patterns, and more. Plus, get your own custom prints made for a personal flair in your space!

Feeling anxious about installation? Temporary murals make it easy, and the pre-stick material makes it easy if you mess up a little bit. CB2 talks about easing installation anxieties in their blog about why now is a great time to install wallpaper. Start small, with the backsplash of your kitchen or a shelving inlet before you head to the big dogs, like a bedroom wall.

temporary bedroom mural

Gallery Walls

Building a gallery wall with dozens of pictures, mirrors, and shadow boxes is a great way to utilize the space in your small apartment. Gallery walls can be the focal point to your room and by stacking high to the ceiling can actually give the illusion of a taller ceiling.

Finding a large enough piece of art to fill a wall can be expensive, and hard to hang without damage to a wall, so finding small inexpensive pieces can work to your advantage. Small family photos, random sized mirrors, and shelves can be a fun way to inject your personality and design into your space. Putting it in your front entry or in the living room can be a great talking piece as well when you have guests or family over.

custom gallery wall

Studio Apartment Room Dividers

Living in a studio apartment and want a way to separate your bedroom? Try hanging a curtain as your room divider! Or using an open shelf as a room divider. IKEA sells curtains up to one hundred and eighteen inches in length, which is perfectly suitable for apartments with standard nine-foot ceilings, as a room divider.

If you want it stationary, or temporary, try using 3M Command Strips to hang your curtain from, and simply tie back the sides if you want it open. Otherwise, if allowed, you can get tracks installed on the ceiling that would allow for the curtain to fully open from one end to the other.

A Focal Point Sofa

There are some gorgeous sofas out there, and your couch can become the focal point of your apartment. Instead of getting a basic beige or grey couch, buy one in a gorgeous accent color like yellow or blue to accentuate the space! With a focal point sofa, you can keep the design really simple, and throw in occasion accent color decor for your gorgeous couch.

The Decoist lists 25 of the best colorful couches for those looking to spice up the look of their living room. We love to see splashes of color, especially in spaces with neutral or white paint colors. It can really liven it up, plus you don’t have to worry about staining as you do with a beige couch.

focal point sofa

Some other great places to venture for apartment design inspiration are Decoist, Apartment Therapy, CB2,Veranda, Pinterest, and Havenly. 

As far as decor, some of the trends we see popping up this year include tapestries, garlands, neon lights, bold colored rugs, and functional furniture. Long are the days of the dorm room futon, or springy pull-out couch. Functional furniture is all the rage in small apartments in lieu of a guest room. Some simply fold the back down into a bed, and from first glance looks nothing like a “pull-out” couch.

Whatever trend you are looking for, we highly encourage our residents to have fun with their space, within reason of course. In a time where we spend more and more time at home, it’s important to make it feel like a welcoming, calming space. Bring elements of yourself into your space so you can truly enjoy it every day. Warm, calming colors, and cozy spaces are critical right now, as well as less clutter and more minimalist design.

If you are looking to move into a new space for a nice change, please view our apartments online and schedule a virtual tour with us here.

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