5 Tips: Outdoor Holiday Decorations For Apartments

Updated December 15, 2022
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Outdoor Holiday Decorations For Apartments Can Be Simple

Outdoor holiday decorations for apartments can be easy! With the holidays right around the corner and decorating coming to a close, you may ask yourself “what can I do outside if I live in an apartment?”  Decorating your apartment with outdoor holiday decorations can be easy and simple with these ideas to add holiday cheer to your balcony or patio. 

outdoor holiday greenery pots with flowers and berries

Outdoor Greenery Pots

An artificial porch pot is a simple way to add some outdoor holiday decorations to a patio or balcony. These can even be left outside throughout the winter if they are not specifically decorated for Christmas.

Some retailers, like Target, have artificial and decorated pots available for purchase. Lights, ornaments, berries, pinecones or sticks are all optional but can be the added holiday flair you were looking for.

Christmas lights


Adding any lights to your outdoor holiday decorations for apartments can brighten up the dark winter months. While living in an apartment community, review the rules your community has about lights. If allowed, string lights on your balcony railing or drape them from the ceiling.

Small decor items that light up at night, like a tree, package, lantern or snowman, can be placed on the floor or on a table. No matter if you live in an apartment or a rented house with a yard, Wayfair has many different options for outdoor holiday decorations. 

Bigos CTA graphic

Christmas pillows


If you have outdoor furniture on your balcony or patio, switch out the cushions and pillows to something a little more seasonal. Add a Christmas pillow to your chair. Change the cushion on your patio furniture to a red cushion. Find an outdoor throw blanket that will cozy up your chair. 

garland with Christmas lights are great outdoor holiday decorations for apartments

Garland & Wreaths

Balcony railings can be beautified by artificial garland. Artificial Garland can be as simple to as luxurious as you want. 

Hang an artificial wreath from your outside door. You can even make your own artificial wreath for a fun Christmas activity. Find everything you need to make an artificial wreath at Target!  

Christmas candles and holiday decor

Solar or Battery Candles 

Candles always bring a warm and cozy feeling to your home, even outside! Solar candles are an excellent way to use a candle on your patio. It will come on automatically when it is dark and there is no danger of having a fake candle. 

Lanterns also provide the same warm and cozy vibe as a candle. However, lanterns can be a lot larger and a perfect accent piece next to a chair or in the corner of the outdoor space.

yellow lab dog sniffing a Christmas wreath which are great outdoor holiday decorations for apartments

No matter how small your balcony or patio is, if you want to decorate for the holidays, you can make it happen! Start small and continue to add a few pieces to your decor until it is perfect for you. Share photos in the comments with us of while you are decorating your apartment with outdoor holiday decorations. 


*Before decorating with outdoor holiday decorations for apartments , review your apartment’s handbook or speak with someone in the leasing office to ensure it follows the apartment rules.  

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