Top 16 Apartment Decorating Ideas For 2022

Updated December 12, 2017

Have you ever heard the Orson Welles quote, “The enemy of art is the absence of limitations”? This quote inspired the common anecdote, “Limitation fosters creativity.”

Many apartments have limitations where you can’t permanently change the appliances, flooring, or cabinetry. But just because there are limitations doesn’t mean you can’t get incredibly creative with apartment decorating!

There are dozens of non-permanent ways to breathe life into your apartment and give it your personal touch. Here are 16 of our favorite apartment-friendly decorating ideas!

1) Move Furniture Inwards

If space allows, moving furniture inwards, away from the walls, can give added dimension to the room and make sitting areas more intimate. Putting a bookshelf behind your sofa can add a very sophisticated element to the room, while not having to make extra wall space for a bookcase and sofa.

2) Accent With Bold Colors

Monochrome rooms can be very nice and calm but lack a certain “wow” factor. Throwing some bright, royal blue pillows on your couch, or a bright orange accent chair can draw the eye to those pieces and bring the entire space together. A good design has contrast, and contrasting neutrals with bold colors can spark life and mood into your space.

Bigos CTA graphic

3) Combine Old & New Pieces

Everyone should own at least one vintage piece. Vintage tables or picture frames are great relics that span across different styles and are a timeless investment that can easily integrate into any home.

Buying a new accent chair has nothing on the history and wear of vintage furniture. You can find pieces in great condition at thrift and consignment stores, vintage shops, and estate sales across the cities.

4) Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Wallpaper is BACK! After years of everyone removing wallpaper and borders from the walls, now we want it back. But it’s not being used like it once was. You can apply wallpaper to a single wall in the room to create an accent wall, giving dimension and style without papering the entire room.

Bathroom wallpaper is a big trend right now, and with removable wallpaper, it’s easier than ever! Plus, it’s rental safe. Check out some options here!

5) Gallery Wall or Picture Ledge

For an eclectic look, a gallery wall can be an amazing way to incorporate new and old art, plus shelving and a mix of decor in one place. Gallery walls are an amazing way to express your individual style and create a talking point in your home. It can draw people in, and with a cool mix of vintage and new pieces, people will be wowed by your creativity!

A picture ledge over the couch or in the hallway is easy to install, and holds a number of pictures that you can change out whenever you want to, without putting extra holes in the wall! It’s an ingenious way to keep your home fresh and fun depending on your mood or the season.

6) Open Storage

If you have minimal cabinet or closet storage, you probably hide things in a storage space in the basement, which doesn’t allow for easy access. A way to bring your overflow into your aesthetic is with open storage units or floating shelves.

Use your kitchen cabinets for things like small appliances or items you don’t need regular access to. On your open storage unit, put your best dishes and glassware, cookbooks, serving trays, or platters. You can style it into a cool display that is also super functional!

7) Wall Tapestries

The opposite of a gallery wall is having just one striking piece. Oversized art can be expensive and also very heavy to hang. Wall tapestries are a great workaround for this. You can hang a wall tapestry easily with just two hooks, and it will take up most of your wall. It’s very boho-chic and gives the room a relaxed, unpolished feel – perfect for chillin’ on the couch.

8) Area Rugs and Runners

Area rugs can be the very centerpiece of the room. They can create the entire mood and aesthetic of the room. They bring furniture together, make the room cozy, and can even give the effect of a bigger space. Large, light-colored rugs can run the length of the floor, and if a beige rug doesn’t fit your style, put a smaller area rug of faux cowhide on top to give it a little boost in cool-factor. ?

9) Clear Furniture

Clear furniture is very retro and is trending upwards in recent years. A clear plastic or glass coffee table, dining set, or end table can help eliminate shrinking your room with dark, heavy furniture. They are functional, easy to clean, and go with EVERYTHING. Just don’t bump those pinky toes on the hard-to-see corners!

modern glass clear table in the loft interior for apartment decorating ideas

10) Plants, Plants, Plants

You don’t need to have a green thumb to have a plant palace in your apartment. There are numerous plants MEANT for indoors and low-light. To name a few:

  • Snake plants
  • Spider plants
  • Peperomia
  • Pathos
  • Aloe
  • English ivy
  • Rubber plants
  • Ponytail palms
  • Schefflera money tree

All these plants, with partial sunlight by a window and regular watering, can THRIVE in your home. Including plants in your apartment can literally breathe life into the space by cleansing the air of toxins and producing more oxygen.

apartment decorating ideas including plants in living room

11) The 70s Are Back

One of the most popular trends in 2022 is a call-back to a different time —the 1970s. To stay in style this year, decorate your apartment with a variety of far-out floral patterns, warm color schemes, velvet furniture, and abstract wall art. Follow this design trend to add groovy personality to any type of layout.

12) Geometric Patterns

Just as floral patterns are coming back into style, so are geometric patterns. This year, work in a splash of geometric patterns to achieve a luxurious style throughout your apartment. With bold, colorful oversized patterns on wallpaper, furniture, and even throw pillows, you can add an intriguing focal point to any room in your apartment.

Patterned pillows on grey corner sofa in living room interior with table and painting.

13) Vintage Light Fixtures

Switching light fixtures is another easy DIY project that almost anyone can do to add a touch of trendy sophistication to any apartment. In the past, exposed lighting was popular. This year, however, expect to see more vintage pendants and sconces in brass and copper finishes that act as earthy accents.

14) Subdued, Dark Furniture

Because room colors are skewing bolder, balance your room style by adding dark, subdued furniture that doesn’t so much dominate the focus as it does contribute to the overall style of the room.

With dark wooden furniture, you’re adding a heavy dose of glamor to your apartment space. Fuse in other materials like gold and brass legs and handles for a fantastic finishing touch.

15) Smaller Sofas

The majority of us apartment-dwellers know what it’s like to be short on space. And a sofa, being your largest piece of furniture (generally speaking), should always be the first thing you consider. In 2022, trend-watchers are ditching the larger, corner sofas and replacing them with smaller sofas and armchairs that make the best use of space in an apartment.

In terms of furniture color, we know that dark hues, like blacks, earthy browns, and dark grays are in style. But no matter what color palette your apartment interior is, try to create a sense of contrast between the furniture and wall colors in your room — that’s what will really make your layout pop.

Stylish living room interior with comfortable sofa and small table

16) Utilize Contact Paper for Counters

If you don’t like the color of your kitchen counters, there’s a perfect affordable, non-permanent solution for you: contact paper. You can cover counters with contact paper to completely change their look. You’ll trick all your guests into thinking you actually have granite countertops!

Contact paper can also be used for cabinets and floors. Just be sure to carefully remove it all before your lease is up. This renter-friendly decorating trick is a wonderful way to make your apartment feel like home.

Bring Your Apartment to Life

Make your apartment rental feel like a personalized home built just for you with these 16 apartment decorating ideas. Hanging unique artwork, incorporating floating shelves, or choosing furniture colors that bring the room alive are all clever ways to personalize your apartment.

If you’re like us, you can’t stop thinking about how you want to decorate your next apartment. Expedite your apartment search and tour one of the renter-friendly units at Bigos. Check out our available apartments in the Twin Cities today!

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