A Message from Senior Leadership

Updated June 5, 2020
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A Message from Senior Leadership


The Twin Cities is our heart and soul.

Like many of our residents, staff, and vendor partners, we wept learning about the senseless murder of George Floyd.  Each time we see this kind of tragedy repeat, it is hard not to feel emotional.  The emotion is profound not only for the loss of human life, but for the fear that one day, we may lose a friend, a colleague, a resident, or a loved one to a violent act of racism here in the place we call home.

While it hurt us to see what happened in Minneapolis, for many people of color, it was not a surprise.  We’ve heard the stories; we see the pain and fear that some live with every day of their life.  For many of us, we will never know how that feels.

Bigos Management has over 300 employees that all come from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  With humble beginnings, we put down roots in this community and have grown to serve over 12,000 residents across 45+ properties.   We are committed to the Twin Cities – after all, it’s all we know.  And, now, more than ever, we are committed to celebrating each other’s differences with open arms.  In keeping with this commitment to everyone we serve, we will continue to invest our time and resources on this topic.

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While the city begins to pick up the pieces and rebuild, let us not forget this moment.  We each have an incredible opportunity to be the change we so desperately need.  Our thoughts are with George Floyd’s family, and the community that loved him dearly.

In Solidarity,

Bigos Management Senior Leadership Team

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