12 Holiday Centerpiece Ideas To Up Your Apartment’s Style

Updated December 17, 2019
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Whether you’re hosting a dinner party in your apartment, or just want to feel extra festive, a simple centerpiece can do so much to make your dining space feel fun for the holidays. These holiday centerpiece ideas can give your party just the oomph it needs!

You don’t have to be overly elaborate, or a master at crafting to create a beautiful centerpiece that is sure to up your apartment’s style for the holidays. Check out these easy DIY centerpieces that you can make on your own!

Tiered Display

A tiered centerpiece can be a great way to display decor, food, cookies, or anything you want in a small space! By decorating upwards, you can save a ton of space on the table for place settings, table runners, etc. Pick up a simple tier at your local home goods store, or even make one yourself by attaching different sized cake stands into a 2 tiered display.

In a small apartment, sometimes a 2 seat bar table can only hold so much for a centerpiece, so finding the perfect little tiered display can be just what you need to decorate a small dining space.


Like many, you may find yourself with a lot of leftover ornaments that never made it to the tree. Take these round ornaments and throw them in a bowl — voila you have yourself a centerpiece! Ornaments can be a great accent to any part of your home even beyond a centerpiece. Put them in glass vases, bowls, or even hang them from wall sconces or wall hooks for added decor that matches your newly crafted centerpiece. Then snag some more ornaments during those post-holiday sales, and you’ll be set for next year’s decor.

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Candy Canes

Candy canes are a very underutilized decoration. Some people put them on the tree, some put them on their gingerbread houses, or even just in a jar as a decoration. Those are all simple ways to utilize these adorable red and white treats, but another way to utilize them is decorating an old jar or box as a centerpiece. To make a simple candy cane centerpiece, glue or tape the candy canes around a small box or jar, and put flowers, pine cones, or even more ornaments in the box and there you have it. A simple, and edible centerpiece that takes under 20 minutes to make.


Green apples can make the perfect green accent to your holiday decor. Simply place them in a clear jar, dish, or vase and place some sprigs of pine or garland around it. You have another edible centerpiece that after the holiday festivities are over, you can use the apples to bake a delicious pie, or some apple strudel to ring in the new year. Yum!


Some old-timey lanterns filled with garland, ornaments, candies, or whatever holiday decor you can fit inside make the perfect centerpiece. Living in an apartment, candles may be discouraged, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own version of a candlelit lantern for your centerpiece. Purchase some battery-powered candles to put in the center, for a nice illuminated lantern centerpiece.

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Pine Cones

Pine cones are a universal crafting material. The options for pine cone centerpieces are endless. Put them in a garland, place them atop candlesticks, fill a bowl or vase with them. Fill them with some sprinkled fake snow, and you have yourself a mini winter wonderland right on your dining table. You couldn’t find a simpler, more affordable centerpiece.

Festive Trees

At your local craft store, get some mini pine trees for holiday villages, or even small pine trees at your local greenhouse for an easy, aromatic centerpiece. Nothing is more festive than a Christmas tree, and if you don’t have room for a big tree in your apartment, place a small 2 foot one with tiny ornaments as your dining table centerpiece! It’s easy to store and can be utilized every year, over and over again!

Card Tree

A card tree is a fun craft that can actually work for any holiday. At your local craft store, buy a small stick tree that you can put in a festive vase or flower pot, then decorate it depending on the season. In this case, decorate your tree with small ornaments, and hang all the holiday cards you receive from friends and family! It’s a great way to display your photos, and it can be a fun thing for guests to look at during a dinner party.


A very festive flower for the holidays is the Amaryllis bulb. The bulbs will grow in soil but also a vase with rocks and a bit of water. Plant it early in the season, and you will have yourself a beautiful, red, amaryllis as your holiday centerpiece come December. One thing to consider is if you have dogs or cats, the Amaryllis can be toxic to them is consumed. It’s a type of lily, which is poisonous to cats and dogs as well. This also goes for Poinsettias. So, when you’re picking up your holiday florals, and you have pets, consider going fake instead! They’ll look just as beautiful, and you don’t have to worry about it!


You CAN have luminaries that are not a fire hazard. With some battery-powered tea lights, you can illuminate your dinner table with some adorable, easy to make, luminaries. Pick up some white lunch sacks at your craft store, and decorate them however you want! It can be a fun activity to do with friends or family before the holidays. Hole punch some stars in the sides for a fun night light luminary, or simply decorate with holiday stickers and glitter for a super affordable centerpiece this year. Make a tradition out of it!

Snow Globes

Snow globes as a centerpiece speak for themselves! Get yourself a nice table runner, and put a bunch of snow globes in the center, and you’re done! You can also make your own “snow globes” with a glass vase, some fake snow, and some extra ornaments. Do you have any snowmen or Santa ornaments that just won’t fit on your tree? Put them in the bottom of a glass vase of jar, fill the bottom with a bit of fake snow, and you have yourself some cute snow globe decor! Just don’t shake them, or you’re sure to have a mess on your hands, and your table. Enjoy!


Real or fake, cranberries can be one of the easiest ways to spruce up your dining table. If you have some mason jars lying around, fill them with real or fake cranberries, tie a cute festive bow around them, and you’re done! For an easy, edible, centerpiece, cranberries bring that beautiful red color to your holiday table. When you’re done, make some cranberry jam!

No matter how you decorate, we hope these holiday centerpiece ideas can help you have an absolutely joyous time. Enjoy your time with friends, family, and make it a safe holiday. We love to help you make your apartment into a home! Happy Holidays from Bigos Management.

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