Should My Apartment Change the Air Filters? (and Other Answers to Apartment Living Questions)

Updated April 23, 2019
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For first-time apartment renters, you may have a lot of questions. After all, it is a little different than living in a house.

To help ensure that you are fully prepared for making your new home an apartment, here are some commonly asked questions and answers to apartment living.

Who Changes the Air Filters?

With most apartment complexes, management will take care of replacing air filters, as it isn’t realistic to assume every tenant will take care fo the air filter on their own. This is a responsibility that you won’t have to worry about or pay for. However, usually, you will be required to move any furniture that may be in the way of the air filter so that management can change it.

Who Takes Care of Maintenance?

apartment maintenance

Whenever you run into any problems in your apartment that will require some hands-on work, management, and their team should take care of it. We wouldn’t recommend trying to fix a broken sink on your own, as it is easier to let management know who can then get it fixed, so you don’t have to worry about it.

What Happens if the Apartment’s Property is Damaged?

While the sink example can be chalked up to normal wear-and-tear, if you were to break something on accident, then you might end up having to pay out of pocket for the repairs. Because of this, it’s best you have renter’s insurance. No one ever plans for a major accident where substantial damage will happen, but they do happen. Make sure that you are properly covered to avoid paying huge sums of money for an accident.

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Will an Employee of the Apartment Complex Ever Access My Home While I’m Gone?

There are rare occasions where someone who works for your apartment complex would enter your home. For example, if they were dropping off a package, usually they will open your door, drop off the package, and then leave. If you are at work and someone is coming by for maintenance, then they may enter your unit as well. However, management will always let you know ahead of time when they will be coming by, usually a 1-2 hour timeframe.

How Can I Get My Full Security Deposit Back?

The best way to get your security deposit back in full is to make sure you address any issues you notice as soon as you move in. If the sink is leaky or the toilet doesn’t work, let management immediately know so that they can fix it and you aren’t the one blamed. For more common renter questions answered, check out this previous blog post.

As long as you take good care of your apartment, you shouldn’t have any troubles getting your security deposit back. Just make sure you fill up all the holes left behind from nails and clean any marks or scuffs on the walls.

Can I Add a Tenant to My Room During My Lease?

adding roommates to your lease

This depends on the landlord and management, but in most cases, you shouldn’t have too much trouble making this happen. Just make sure that adding another person is still within the apartment’s occupancy limit. You can work with management to see it through, and they will let you know if it is possible or not.

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At Bigos Management, we are firm believers that apartments should be a home — a place where you can live your life to the fullest.

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Whether you’re looking for your first apartment, or are interested in finding a new home that better incorporates your lifestyle, check out our available units throughout the metro area! If you have any questions or would like to learn more about a specific property, then email

We look forward to hearing from you!

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