How to Decorate your Rental Apartment: Chic Trends for 2022

Updated December 12, 2017

For those of you who are tired of living in less-than-stylish apartments, it’s time for a décor update!

Because of restrictions from leases and landlords, apartments can be tricky to personalize with your own unique design. Never worry — there are a few trendy options you can try that are minimal, relatively easy to do, and cost effective.

So let’s get started! Here is how to decorate your rental apartment with 2022’s most chic style trends.

1) Removable Wallpaper

The first trend on our list specifically targets apartment renters, providing an easy and affordable way to add personality to any dull, blank wall. From chalkboard surface to floor-to-ceiling patterns to full-sized wall decals and a variety of other options, removable wallpaper is a chic way to add more style to your apartment design this year. Once your lease is up, simply take it off the walls and receive your full deposit back!

2) Bolder Color Palettes

In 2022, the color palettes are heading toward bolder, more saturated hues. Thankfully, apartments are generally easy and affordable to paint, so you can update your rooms to match this year’s trends, although you will want to check with your property manager before you open the can of paint to understand potential charges to return the walls back when you move out.  Try out dramatic reds, bright yellows and pinks that make a statement; pair those colors with subtler furnishings and decor to create a more stylish apartment space.  Even if your property frowns on painting their walls, you can incorporate colors into your space by changing out accent pillows and art.

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3) The 70s are Back

One of the most popular trends in 2022 is a call-back to a different time — the 1970s. To stay in style this year, decorate your apartment with a variety of far-out floral patterns, warm color schemes, velvet furniture and abstract wall art. Follow this design trend to add groovy personality to any type of layout.

4) Geometric Patterns

Just as floral patterns are coming back into style, so too are geometric patterns. This year, work in a splash of geometric patterns to achieve a luxurious style throughout your apartment. With bold, colorful oversized patterns on wallpaper, furniture and even throw pillows, you can add an intriguing focal point to any room in your apartment.

5) Vintage Light Fixtures

Switching light fixtures is another easy DIY project that almost anyone can do to add a touch of trendy sophistication to any space. In the past, exposed lighting was popular. This year, however, expect to see more vintage pendants and sconces in brass and copper finishes that act as earthy accents.

6) Patterned Plants

You can never have enough patterned plants around the apartment. Not only are they a popular décor trend in 2022, they offer an organic way to brighten up in any room of your apartment They can even help improve the quality of your sleep, so make sure to place a few plants throughout your bedroom.

7) Subdued, Dark Furniture

Because room colors are skewing bolder, balance your room style by adding dark, subdued furniture that doesn’t so much dominate the focus, as it does contribute to the overall style of the room. With dark wooden furniture, you’re adding a heavy dose of glamor to your apartment space. Fuse in other materials like gold and brass legs and handles for a fantastic finishing touch.

8) Smaller Sofas

The majority of us apartment-dwellers know what it’s like to be short on space. And a sofa, being your largest piece of furniture (generally speaking), should always be the first thing you consider. In 2022, trend-watchers are ditching the larger, corner sofas and replacing them with smaller sofas and armchairs that make the best use of space in an apartment. In terms of furniture color, we know that dark hues, like blacks, earthy browns and dark greys, are in style. But no matter what color palette your apartment interior is, try to create a sense of contrast between the furniture and wall colors in your room — that’s what will really make your layout pop.

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