How To Soundproof An Apartment Door (7 Tips)

Updated May 16, 2022
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You can’t choose your neighbors when you live in an apartment, and maybe Brad two doors down loves to play his drum set at 1 am. It can be frustrating dealing with noisy neighbors in an apartment building, and sometimes it can feel hopeless.

Even though you’re rarely allowed to make permanent changes to a unit you’re renting, there are a number of temporary fixes you can try to help block sound. If you want to learn how to soundproof an apartment door, here are 7 helpful tips to try.

1) Use Weatherstripping Tape

Weatherstripping is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to help block sound coming in through your doorway. Even the smallest gaps around the door can allow extra sound to seep into your unit.

You might not be able to notice gaps in your doorway at first glance. Try turning all the lights off and seeing if any light creeps in from the hallway. If you see light come through some gaps, you can use weatherstripping tape to help seal those gaps.

Weatherstripping is traditionally used to block cold drafts from coming in, but it also works great for blocking noise. Weatherstripping tape is spongy, made of fiberglass, and easy to apply. Simply wash and dry the door frame before beginning, then stick the weatherstrip around the inside of the door frame.

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2) Cover Your Door With a Soundproof Blanket

Have you ever heard of soundproof blankets? They’re exactly what they sound like— blankets made of fiberglass which absorb sound. The heavier the blanket, the more sound that gets absorbed.

All you have to do to install a soundproof blanket is hang it on your door! You can accomplish this by installing hooks or velcro or pinning the blanket to the door. Velcro will help you get the tightest seal possible. You can remove the blanket at any time, making it super convenient to use only when you need it.

There are many types of soundproof blankets you can buy, but you’ll have the most success with the heaviest blanket you can find.

3) Hang Heavy Curtains Over the Door

If a soundproof blanket isn’t your jam, but you still want to block out Brad’s 1 am jam sessions, you can try installing a curtain rod and heavy curtains over your door. The best part is that you’ll feel really cool when you push the curtains aside every time you enter your unit.

Be sure to check in with your property manager or reference your lease regarding drilling holes in your walls. If you can drill holes, just be sure to fill them properly before moving out. Otherwise, use Command hooks for curtain rods.

Opt for long and heavy curtains that cover the entire door and reach the floor. The thick fabric will help absorb the sound that comes through the door. And just like soundproof blankets, you can even find soundproof curtains by shopping online.

4) Install Acoustic Panels

You might have seen acoustic panels in offices or music classrooms. If you’re dealing with a lot of noise in your apartment, you can also install acoustic panels on your walls and door. These panels work by reducing the bounce of the sound when it enters your apartment to deaden it and keep it from echoing.

Acoustic panels are easy to install and remove, making them ideal for apartment living. No special tools are required, simply peel off the adhesive side and stick the panels to your walls and doors.

5) Attach a Door Sweep

All doors have a gap between the bottom of the door and the floor to keep the door from scraping the flooring. However, this is often the largest gap in your doorframe, and weatherstrips can’t be used in this area.

Lots of sound will seep in through this large gap, but you can close this gap with the help of a door sweep or soundproof pad. Door sweeps are semi-permanent and are applied to the bottom of your door with nails or adhesive backing. This long strip of metal seals the gap at the bottom of the door, and it helps block sound, hot or cold drafts, bugs, and dust.

Soundproof pads are similar to door sweeps except that you’ll need to reapply the pad every time the door opens and closes which many tenants find tedious. But, the soundproof pad may prove to be more effective with noise blocking.

6) Arrange Your Furniture to Help

Perhaps the simplest and most stylish soundproofing strategy is to add a thick rug directly under your door. You can make this even more effective by using two rugs: one outside your unit and one inside.

Hallway interior with door rug used to soundproof apartment

You can also rearrange your furniture to help with your soundproofing attempts. Place larger pieces of furniture like sofas along the wall next to your front door. These large pieces of furniture will help block and muddle and sound that creeps in through your door.

This strategy is most effective when paired with one of the other tips above.

7) Move to a Quiet, Well-Constructed Community

Maybe you’ve tried every single strategy outlined here but Brad’s drumset is still interrupting your sleep and making you more and more frustrated. If the problem doesn’t resolve after leaving a kind note on his door and trying out multiple soundproofing attempts, you’re probably better off in a different apartment community.

Many apartment buildings were constructed with cheap materials, thin walls, and hollow doors. These details can make it incredibly difficult to create a peaceful and quiet apartment home. Thankfully, all Bigos apartments were constructed with high-quality materials to ensure the highest standards of living possible.

If you want to escape the annoying noise for good, you might want to look into moving into a different apartment building with thick walls, high-quality construction, and numerous amenities.

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Explore Your Options With Bigos

We hope these soundproofing tips help you find peace and quiet in your apartment. And if your neighbors are ultimately too noisy for there to be any hope, we invite you to start your next apartment search.

Bigos has high-quality apartments with excellent amenities throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Explore our available units today and say goodbye to Brad’s drum set forever.


*Disclaimer: Please use caution when adding a blanket to your door. Your safety is most important when living in an apartment.

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