5 Fantastic Studio Apartment Design Ideas (500 Sq. Ft. Or Less)

Updated April 13, 2020
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There are a few studio apartment designs that work best for those that are 500 square feet or less. They may include specialty furniture or special configurations in order to fully utilize the small space given.

We’ve gone over some different layouts before on how to arrange your furniture, but what about design? What design elements could truly enhance your small space?

studio apartment design layout ideas

5 Studio Apartment Design Ideas

1. Building a Lofted Bed to Utilize Floor to Ceiling Space

A lofted bed can go beyond just the dorm room, it can be a really cool way to have your lofted bed and make an office or hangout space underneath. If you don’t have the floor space, just build up! Adult Bunk Beds makes bunk beds and lofted beds all the way up to California King size! They’re made of light material and leave plenty of space underneath for a desk, futon, lounge or whatever your heart desires! They even offer a staircase if climbing a ladder is not your thing!

2. Have an Accent Wall or Gallery Wall

Designing an accent wall or gallery wall in your studio apartment can actually make it feel bigger than it is. By hanging art or decor higher on the wall, it draws the eye upwards and gives the illusion of even taller ceilings and more space. Some people choose to put one right on the wall or hallway as you walk in the apartment, or the wall behind the sofa in the living room can also work well in the space. Design-wise it’s all about using what space you do have and creating an illusion to make the space grow by utilizing all of that unused wall and ceiling space.

gallery wall apartment; studio apartment design

3. Futons Can be Your Sofa and Bed in One

Futons are not quite the terrible, uncomfortable choice you envision from dorm rooms past. And pull out couches are no longer a mess of metal bars and springs. They’ve actually become quite comfortable as more and more people choose to live in studio apartments and smaller one-bedrooms.

Bigos CTA graphic

Think about how often you spend time in your bed. Aside from sleeping, you maybe don’t need to have a full-size bed in the living space of your studio when not in use. So, if you are willing, a convertible sofa can be an easy way to maintain some style in your studio apartment, by easily making your bed back into a couch. Websites like Wayfair and Futonland sell convertible sofas that include storage underneath for all of your pillows, sheets, and blankets!

4. Fold-down Dining Table Shelving Unit Combination

If you are able, a built-in shelving unit that pulls down into a table is an incredible space saver in your small studio. You can paint it white or the color of the wall to really make it blend in even more. This can work as both storage and a dining area and leave room for when you’re not using it, to make room for yoga or entertaining guests.

5. Sitting Pillows in the Living Room

One way to be able to accommodate more people for parties, or even for your own comfort while you watch movies and binge-watch your favorite shows, is to purchase sitting pillows. Large square pillows, tufted footstools, or even a good old fashioned bean bag chair, are a great alternative to having more, large furniture in your living quarters. They are easily moveable, stackable, and really really comfy to lay on in front of the TV. You could even host your favorite meal around the coffee table with some pillows and footstools on the floor!

bean bag chair; studio apartment design

Find Your Perfect Living Space Today!

500 square feet can become far more functional if you get creative with your design and decor. Think outside the box and get creative in your small space! Comment below with more ideas! For tips on incorporating minimalism into your apartment design, check out this post!

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humayoun mussawar
3 years ago

Nice article. With their convenience and affordability, they are getting popular by the day. However, unlike traditional houses and flats, decorating a studio department can become a tedious task for sure.

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