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Updated December 12, 2019
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Want to know what its like to be a Property Manager with Bigos Management? We asked Hernando, a Property Manager in Minnetonka, about his role within the company:

“As a Property Manager, the three biggest areas of my job are addressing resident’s needs, setting my team up for success, and managing the daily operations of the property.

I try every day to lead by example and display great customer service consistently to my team. Ensuring that we are doing all we can as a staff to meet the residents needs. Also as a manager I want to ensure that I am giving the time and attention to my employees to help them grow and be successful.

My favorite aspect of the job is the reward of having a positive effect on someones life while they spent their time here at Regency Woods. To be successful at this job, you need to be able to focus on using great customer service and building resident relationships. I have found that a high percentage of residents rent, and renew more often when great customer service is consistently displayed and strong resident relations are built.

I came to Bigos seeking a company that provided a positive work environment and room for continued growth. Since being here, it has been refreshing coming to work each day knowing I have the support I need to succeed. I want to continue to grow as a manager here with Bigos and eventually hope to use my skills in other areas that can help Bigos excel.”

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