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Updated June 9, 2020
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St. Paul residents know good food—they’ve been dining in some of the best restaurants in the Twin Cities for decades. But in a time where many restaurants have had to close their doors for the time being, which ones are still offering takeout and delivery options? Let’s find out.


Pizza Shops That Have Always Offered the Best Food Delivery in St. Paul


In a world of big chain pizza shops offering massive delivery discounts for mediocre pizza, don’t you think you’d be much better off getting something better delivered? Pizza has always been the tried and true food delivery option for many households. No matter how you slice it and dice it, you know Friday nights were meant for some pizza delivery. So who’s been holding the torch on these options in St. Paul?


Pizza Luce


What started out as a dream of a former pizza delivery driver, has since expanded to 9 locations from its original downtown Minneapolis spot. There is even a Pizza Luce in Duluth! Pizza Luce offers something that many other pizza joints can not—gluten-free and vegan options. Not only that but gluten-free and vegan options that taste amazing! In fact, the gluten-free crust and vegan toppings definitely stand up against any of the usual pizzas, and sometimes are even the better option. Queue the mock-dock Rustler pizza.




Pizza delivery should be available 365 days a year, no matter what. And Sarpino’s agrees, which is why they are open every single day of the year, including holidays. Holding down the top spots in pizza delivery across the Twin Cities for years, Sarpino’s is a great option if you want affordable delicious pizza delivery. Plus, they have a ricotta calzone that is to die for. Sarpino’s does everything right when it comes to delivering piping hot, gourmet pizza to people all across St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs. 


Zamboni’s Pizza Pub


Settled right across the street from the Xcel Energy Center, the appropriately named Zamboni’s Pizza Pub is the perfect pre-game spot for Wild Hockey Games. But, outside of hockey season, they also provide delicious pizza delivery to downtown St. Paul residents. With Italian classics like spaghetti, lasagna, and antipasto salad—you get way more than just pizza delivery from Zamboni’s. 

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Restaurants That Have Recently Shifted to Delivery


Some restaurants have taken change in stride and have seamlessly transitioned into takeout and delivery options. Being able to still get your favorite dinners at home, despite not being able to have your usual Saturday night out has been a huge blessing—for both patron and restaurant owners. Here are some of the best St. Paul spots that are keeping us full from home.




Right now, nothing tastes better than some soul comforting food, right? Revival is THE spot for that. With fried chicken, collard greens, and housemade mac and cheese you really can’t go wrong. Revival holds strong as a top contender for best fried chicken sandwich in the Twin Cities by far. To make life even easier, you can get a half or whole fried bird delivered as well—use it for whatever your heart desires—but we really recommend just letting them do the work.




We can’t think of too many places where you can get delicious BBQ brisket and ribs, but also wontons and egg rolls in one place. Firebox St. Paul is the place for all your BBQ needs. They are open for curbside pickup, but also delivery via DoorDash. For $65 you can feed your entire family—or feed yourself for an entire week. Either way, it’s amazing to be able to get some of the city’s best BBQ ribs delivered right to your doorstep. 


The Naughty Greek


When you think about getting dinner delivered you generally think pizza, Chinese food, maybe some Italian, but you never think of Greek food. The Naughty Greek in St. Paul is relatively new, less than 5 years old, but has transitioned into a delivery, takeout, and curbside pick-up joint with ease. The mere thought of being able to get a gyro, hummus, and fresh pita delivered is something that we hope never goes away. This option is welcomed with open arms. They will even deliver wine pairings and kits to build your own gyros at home. You really can’t go wrong. 


Restaurants That Only Offer Takeout but Are Worth the Trip


Some restaurants have chosen to continue service but via pick-up only. That may be a smart move as delivery can be difficult to manage in a small space, and outsourcing to services can be costly in fees. So, those restaurants offering contact-less curbside pick-up might just be the place to go. 


Blue Door Pub


Blue Door Pub is known for having some of the best burgers in town, including their take on the Juicy Lucy called the Blucy. They have limited their menu to a few select favorites, but their burgers all remain. And make sure to “make it a Jiffy” by adding bacon, pepper jack cheese, and peanut butter—yes peanut butter. We promise it will be something you’ve never had before and will remain something you’ll crave. They’re only allowing online orders, as many of these other restaurants, but it makes your life and their life easy. You can pre-pay, show up, and they’ll bring your order right out. Take your delicious burger to-go and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.




Mucci’s has been a neighborhood staple for a long time, and to be able to continue to fill that void during this pandemic is something we will never take for granted. They may not be offering delivery, but they are doing something really unique that is guaranteed to win over some folks. They are offering hot AND frozen takeout options. Want Mucci’s pizza and pasta to-go but want to stock up for a few days? No problem—they’ll hand it to you frozen with instructions to make delicious Mucci’s at home. You can TRY to make your own, but let’s maybe leave it to the pros.


Something restaurants have always given us is a reason to get out of our house and go somewhere we can be with friends and family while having someone else do the cooking. But, they also give us a sense of comfort, which is exactly what they are doing for us right now. 


Being able to continue to provide comfort food during unprecedented times, and beyond, is immeasurable. So, as we continue to navigate through this strange time, let’s continue to support our local restaurants and don’t’ forget to treat yourself every once in a while. 

We will say that these food options in St. Paul are bar none and if you’re looking to move a little closer to get your fix, check out our available downtown listings near all of these delicious establishments here.

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