Unlocking Your Dream Life: Mastering Apartment Amenities for Your Perfect Haven

Updated September 26, 2023
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Finding the ideal apartment community can be an exciting yet challenging task. One of the key factors that can greatly enhance your living experience is the array of apartment amenities offered by the community. Amenities play a significant role in shaping your daily life and overall satisfaction. In this blog, we’ll explore how to choose the amenities that best suit your lifestyle and needs, ensuring that your apartment community becomes a true haven of comfort and convenience.

work from home apartment amenities
Lowertown Lofts | St Paul, MN

Assess Your Lifestyle and Priorities

Before diving into the world of apartment amenities, take some time to reflect on your lifestyle, preferences, and priorities. Consider questions like:

  • How often do I work out, and do I prefer exercising in a public gym?
  • Do I enjoy swimming or sunbathing by the pool?
  • Is a dedicated workspace important for my remote work?
  • Do I frequently host gatherings or parties?
  • How often do I spend time outdoors?
  • Do I prefer to do my laundry in my home or in a shared laundry room?

Understanding your personal preferences and daily routines will help you narrow down the list of amenities that matter most to you.

exteriors of apartment building
Park Towers | St. Louis Park, MN

Prioritize Must-Have Apartment Amenities

Once you’ve assessed your lifestyle, identify the amenities that are non-negotiable for you. These are the features that will significantly enhance your quality of life in your apartment community. 

fitness center apartment amenities
Galante at Parkside | Apple Valley, MN

Fitness Centers

If staying active is a top priority, a well-equipped fitness center with modern equipment and convenient hours should be high on your list. Having easy access to a gym can save you time and money on a separate gym membership. Consider what you like to do at the gym; do you prefer to lift weights and utilize machines, or do you find yourself on the treadmill most days? Fitness centers differ in the equipment they offer, so be sure to assess your needs.

Bigos CTA graphic
outdoor pool at an apartment complex
Villages on McKnight | St Paul, MN


If you love swimming or simply enjoy lounging by the water, having a pool in your apartment community can be a great luxury. Pools provide a perfect escape during hot summer days and can also serve as a social hub for residents. Interested in swimming year-round? Look into communities with an indoor pool instead!

work from home spaces at an apartment complex
Nuvelo at Parkside | Apple Valley, MN

Work from Home Areas

In the era of remote work, having a designated workspace within your apartment community can be invaluable. Look for amenities like co-working spaces, private offices, or quiet lounges that offer a conducive environment for productivity.

party room at an apartment complex
The Whit Apartments | Minneapolis, MN

Party Rooms

If you frequently host gatherings, consider whether the apartment community offers party rooms or event spaces. These can be perfect for celebrating special occasions with friends and neighbors.

outdoor green space
The Edina Towers | Minneapolis, MN

Outdoor Spaces

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Do you enjoy drinking your morning coffee in the fresh outdoors? Perhaps look into apartment communities with attached patios/balconies or seating outdoors. Some communities also have walking paths, green space, and dog parks for pets that need to be taken outside.

in-unit laundry at an apartment complex
The Palmer | Minneapolis, MN


It is very common for apartment communities to have community laundry rooms interspersed throughout the units. Evaluate if you would rather pay a small fee to use those communal machines, or if you would prefer to have a personal washer/dryer in your unit home at a higher rent cost.

indoor pool at apartment
Beach South Apartments | Robbinsdale, MN

Visit the Community

Before making a final decision, schedule a visit to the apartment community. Take a tour of the amenities and assess their condition and accessibility. Pay attention to the cleanliness, maintenance, and overall ambiance of these areas. A personal visit can provide valuable insights that online research may not capture.

exterior view of an apartment complex
Willow Creek Apartments | Plymouth, MN


Choosing the right apartment amenities can significantly impact your daily life and overall satisfaction. By assessing your lifestyle, prioritizing must-have amenities, considering your budget, thinking about future needs, and visiting the community in person, you can make an informed decision that ensures your apartment becomes a comfortable and convenient haven tailored to your preferences. Remember, the perfect amenities are those that enhance your quality of life and make you feel right at home in your chosen community.

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