Spring Break Destinations: The Best Places To Spend Your Spring Break

Updated March 2, 2020
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Spring Break is upon us! Whether you’ve booked a trip, or are just toying with the idea, we’ve listed some of the best spring break destinations for you to break out of the winter funk. Sometimes, you don’t even have to go that far!

Spring Break Destinations to Get Some Sun

By the time February rolls around, we’ve already had just about enough of winter and are dreaming of sunny, warm days. If you just can’t wait for what seems like 25 more months until summer, here are some of the best warm destinations in the U.S. to tide you over until then.

ocean view from a staircase leading to the beach.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is home to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, making it the ultimate destination for families while the kids are on spring break, although adults can have just as much fun. If theme parks aren’t your jam, there are so many cities in Florida that make for a quick, easy getaway for spring break. Miami, Daytona Beach, Marco Island, or Fort Lauderdale are common spots for spring breakers and snowbirds alike. Miami has a lively night scene, with bars and restaurants galore. While Daytona Beach, Marco Island, and Fort Lauderdale are much more low-key and perfect for sitting on the beach, sightseeing, and relaxing. Florida’s average temperature is already well into the sixties and seventies come March, we can’t say the same for Minnesota.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Not too far north of Florida, you’ll find Myrtle Beach, the Miniature Golf Capital of the World. But, they have so much more than the best mini-golf, including oceanside boardwalks, great shopping, and fantastic seafood. Plus, you can make your way 2 hours south to historic Charleston, where you can take a carriage tour around downtown, or eat lunch while you spot dolphins in the marina. For a low-key vacation, right on the ocean, make your way to Myrtle Beach, SC.

South Padre Island, Texas

Texas may not be the first place you think to head for an oceanside vacation, but South Padre Island calls itself Spring Break Island for a reason. Just a few miles north of Mexico lies South Padre Island, a small strip of coast along the Gulf that boasts palm trees, sun, and sand. College students and young adults venture to SPI for Beach Bash Music Fest, where there’s tons of live music from some of the nation’s biggest acts, plus endless fun events for all of Spring Break. You can have a tropical getaway in the Gulf of Mexico without even needing a passport!

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Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica provides the quintessential California vacation experience. It’s on the coast, it’s near sights like Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and beautiful California State Parks, and the weather in March is gorgeous. The Santa Monica Pier has everything you need for a short vacation. There’s a small amusement park, fishing, gorgeous views, and delicious eats along the boardwalk. LA is a short drive away if you want to check out the sights there, but Santa Monica is sure to give you a nice and relaxing stay.

Phoenix, Arizona

Temperatures in Phoenix are already in the mid to upper seventies in March, which is all anyone can ask for to get a break from a long winter. From the winter blues to the desert sands, Phoenix may be just what a Minnesotan needs for an early spring warm-up. Arizona is an excellent place for people who want to hike and get outdoors. There are numerous hiking spots like Camelback Mountain, Papago Park, and the Desert Botanical Garden, for people to get outside and view the beautiful desert scenery. There is no shortage of museums, waterparks, or taco joints to see around Phoenix, so consider it a top spot for your next spring break vacation.

A Mild Winter Getaway

Winters in Minnesota are COLD — as we know. But being from the midwest, we still find ourselves loving a beautiful snowfall, and enjoying winter activities. If skiing, snowboarding, or snowcapped mountains are your thing, then taking a spring break somewhere still in winter, but far more mild can be a delight. Check out these spots for a fun non-tropical getaway!

Skiers in a ski lift taking a selfie.

Portland, Oregon

For a chill vibe spring break, Portland, Oregon, is a good bet. Portland is very Minneapolis-esque and boasts a lot of hipster spots where you can get a donut, latte art, or a craft brew. Their weather doesn’t get exceedingly warm in March, but it can be a nice change of pace for a little getaway. Located right between mountains and the ocean, Portland never falls short of beautiful scenery for locals and tourists alike. Check out local museums, the Oregon Zoo, or their beautiful Japanese garden. If you want to wait until June, you can witness the city’s roses in full bloom.

Park City, Utah

East of Salt Lake City, and over the Wasatch Range, you’ll find Park City, Utah nestled at the base of the mountains. The coldest month in Utah is January, where lows get to be around twenty-one degrees Fahrenheit, which is just balmy for us Minnesotans, so by March, it should be quite mild. Aside from skiing in the beautiful Utah mountains, tourists can also visit man-made ice castles, natural hot springs, and even try bobsledding at Olympic Park.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Located south of Denver, Colorado Springs is nestled at the edge of the mountain range near Pikes Peak and Cheyenne Mountain. Surrounded by mountains and national forests, Colorado boasts some of the most incredible sceneries in the U.S. Many people may choose Denver to as their destination. Still, Colorado Springs is a bit smaller, and quaint, and can make for a very relaxing spring break getaway.

Seattle, Washington

Some people are all about a cozy vacation, without the hustle and bustle of a tropical getaway — everyone is going to the beach! So, for a calm, maybe a little chilly, vacation, Seattle can be just for you. Seattle’s Pike Place Market is worth the trip alone, with the freshest most delicious seafood in the Pacific Northwest. It is also home to some of the most famous tourist attractions in the nation, including the Space Needle and the Museum of Pop Culture. It sounds like the perfect vacation to go relax and come back feeling refreshed.

Minnesota Spring Break Staycation Spots

March in Minnesota means winter is being left behind us, and Spring is on the horizon! You don’t have to jet-set to take a meaningful spring break, either! There are plenty of places around our gorgeous state that can offer you relaxation and unforgettable views.

North Shore Minnesota


Minnesota isn’t known for its mountain ranges, obviously, but the northern parts of the state do have a few skis hills like Spirit Mountain in Duluth and Lutsen Mountains in Lutsen. Lutsen is almost to Canada, so it’s a few hour drive from the Twin Cities, but there’s no denying the beauty of that township on the shore of Lake Superior. Lutsen is a tiny township with gorgeous lake-side resorts and Airbnbs. You can’t beat the solitude up north, and Lutsen is an excellent option for a staycation.


If you have never been to Duluth, you’re definitely missing out! Duluth is very St. Paul-esque with a shoreline, bluffs, hills, and old charm. Duluth has so much history but with a modern twist. Almost every hotel and resort room has a view of the lake, so you’ll get every beautiful sunrise and sunset in the bay. There are incredible food and drink options, including some breweries and distilleries in Canal Park. Almost everything is walkable, and it couldn’t be more convenient to get around! Duluth is an excellent option for a small spring break or even short weekend trips!


Hinckley, MN is right about mid-way between the Twin Cities and Duluth — a much shorter drive. It is home to one of the biggest casinos in the state, Grand Casino Hinckley. With 5 restaurants, a hotel, and a casino — you will have an incredibly exciting spring break without having to venture too far! That is true relaxation.

Mall of America

Last, but definitely not least, the Mall of America has become quite the destination for out of town guests and people living outside of the Twin Cities. With their brand new hotel accommodations, updated food selections, and the nearby waterpark — a family can easily spend their entire spring break vacation at the Mall Of America without ever running out of things to see, do or eat.

Whether you are planning to take a spring break this year, next year, or even some other time — keep these destinations in mind, and you’ll be sure to get the vacation you always hoped for. Then, after you’re done vacationing, you can come home to your Bigos apartment for a vacation from your vacation — cause we always need one of those too.

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