Meet an Assistant Property Manager

Updated October 15, 2019
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Wonder what its like to be an Assistant Property Manager with Bigos Management? We asked Matt, an Assistant Manager in Saint Louis Park, about his job:

“When I first started at Bigos, I learned a lot about the industry. I continually added more duties to my responsibilities which allowed me to learn other areas that aren’t typical for Assistant Property Managers.

My primary responsibilities as an Assistant Property Manager include supervising the Leasing Team, overseeing all Accounts Receivables for the property, and resident relations.  I work day-to-day with the leasing team to provide them the necessary tools and skills to perform at their best.  Everything in my job comes down to working with our Residents whenever there are issues that need to be taken care of, good or bad, so that they have the best home possible.

From the moment someone first walks through our door, I always strive to make that person feel at home and welcome.  This is not just during personal interactions with someone, but also during daily tasks such as walking apartments, turns, and walking the property.  Staying aware of what is happening at your community helps you provide the best service and information.

My favorite part of the job would be the relationships I build with my coworkers at Era on Excelsior and within Bigos.  Working together in the office provides ample opportunity to get to know each other, which allows us to work well together and provide our residents with exceptional service.”

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