Meet a Maintenance Technician in Training

Updated November 21, 2019
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Want to get in to property maintenance? Bigos Management has a Maintenance in Training program designed to give anyone the experience and skills needed to succeed as a Maintenance Technician. We asked Justin, a Bigos Management Maintenance Technician, about his time in the training program:

“When I started the Maintenance in Training (MIT) program at Bigos, I had a strong customer service background but little experience in the maintenance side of the world.

I have now been with Bigos for a year and feel that I have the skills to get the job done right each and every day.  Bigos has helped me obtain my CPO certification as well as my EPA certification.

I work at a luxury high rise building consisting of 32 floors in Downtown St. Paul.  A property of this size comes with a lot of responsibility for each and every maintenance technician. The MIT program really helped kick start my career in maintenance. We had a set schedule for what we needed to learn each week, and I was able to learn how to prioritize my day, the basics of maintenance, and how to provide great service to our residents.  I was learning a lot of new information as an MIT, but I also had the peace of mind knowing that I had someone by my side to show and teach me the skills I need to really take off in my new career.

Every day I come to work I try to operate with integrity,  and be mindful and caring of everyone I come into contact with; whether that be coworkers, residents, vendors, or general public that walk through our building. Even if you have never done maintenance and come in, like myself, with a customer service background, do not be afraid to apply.  Bigos gave me the skills and tools that I needed to grow in my new career, and continue to every day. I can truly say that I enjoy my job!”

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