Meet a Leasing Consultant

Updated September 30, 2019
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Ever wonder what its like to be a Leasing Consultant at Bigos Management? We asked Amy, a Leasing Consultant in Apple Valley, what a day in her life is like:

“Starting as a leasing consultant, I had no idea what I signed up for! You are part of something so big, you’re making a real impact on the lives of your residents.

One of the biggest responsibilities of my job is meeting with prospects and selling the value of our product. Its important to understand not only our product, but also the current market & competitors. Creating real, long-term relationships with our customers is important to being a Leasing Consultant. I’ve found that being transparent & honest with our residents, and really listening to their needs is vital to succeeding at this.

My favorite part of the job is getting to work with people. Not only do I need to meet new people daily, but I get to establish real connections with them and introduce them to the place they’ll be calling their home for (hopefully) a long time.

Being part of Bigos Management has been the such a positive experience during my career. I am excited to move forward to a management role, and continue to gain more knowledge on the path to success in Property Management.”

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