7 Awesome Bike Trails to Explore in St. Paul

Updated October 15, 2018
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Minnesotans like being active. In fact, Minnesota is ranked as the 6th healthiest state by US News’ 2018 study. When it comes to getting their exercise on, many Minnesota natives turn to biking on some of the many beautiful trails the state has to offer. While Minneapolis is world-renowned for their biker-friendly layout, St. Paul has plenty of great trails and routes as well. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing ride, a more intense workout, or even mountain biking hills, St. Paul has you covered.

Shepard Road – Mississippi River Boulevard – East River Parkway

Hop on at any point along this Mississippi bike trail that is accessible for both runners/walkers and bikers. This trail is a portion of Mississippi River Trail Bikeway that extends all the from La Crescent to Clearwater. The trail is exceptionally beautiful in the fall, with the foliage and trees creating a vibrant scenery of orange, red, and yellow. In the spring and summer, the views along the trails are equally as breathtaking.

Hidden Falls Regional Park

Located near highland, the Hidden Falls Regional Park is located along the Mississippi River bluffs.  With about 6.7 miles of paved trails, the park provides a beautiful setting for a bike ride. Trails run along shady, wooded bottomlands next to the Mississippi River,  past scenic picnic areas, and connects to the Mississippi River Boulevard parkway.

Crosby Farm Bike Trail

Image courtesy of metro bike trails

A hidden gem of St. Paul, this pleasant trail follows the Mississippi River below the bluff in Hidden Falls and Crosby Farm Parks. With a constant view of the river along the trail, you can also ride along Crosby Lake before the trail connects to Shepherd Road. Beware of some bumpy pavement however, which is a small price to pay for the views along this gorgeous trail.

The Gateway State Trail

Image courtesy of Hike Bike Travel

Starting in St. Paul and ending at Pine Point Park, this 18 mile trail passes through a section of urban areas, parks, lakes, and wetlands in Ramsey and Washington Counties. This trail features rural landscapes close to the metro area, so it’s the perfect way to escape the city for a few hours. The Gateway also provides connections to many local and regional trails.

Battle Creek Regional Park (Mountain Biking)

Image courtesy of Roots Rated

While many mountain biking enthusiasts head west to get their fix, there are some great options in St. Paul when it comes to exciting downhill trails. The Battle Creek Regional Park, with it’s 10 mile expert single track, is one of the top mountain biking destinations in the area and is located right on the outskirts of St. Paul.

Lake Como Loop

The easiest trail on this list, the Lake Como Loop is perfect way to get a little biking in on a nice day. Once your done with a lap or two of the nearly 2 mile trail, stop in at the Spring Cafe for a bite to eat and listen to some live music as you enjoy your meal.

Lilydale Regional Park

This 636 acre park is covered by forest features a bike trail that is wide, smooth and once again features spectacular views of the Mississippi River. The trail is slightly uphill on its way to Eagan, but makes for a nice return ride. This trail is perfect for families or for high speed road bikers looking for a great workout.

St. Paul Biking Facts and Resources

Saint Paul Bike Map

Nice Ride – Stations Map

System Mileage
183.5 miles of bikeways in Saint Paul:

-In-street bike lanes – 52.0 miles
-Off-street paths – 85.0 miles
-Bikeable shoulders – 17.0 miles
-Bike boulevards – 10.1 miles
-Shared lanes – 19.3 miles

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