Twin Cities Craft Breweries: A Tour of 10 Exceptional Taprooms

Updated April 3, 2024
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Welcome to the Twin Cities, a region renowned for its vibrant craft beer scene. From hop-forward IPAs to rich stouts and everything in between, the breweries here offer a diverse range of flavors and experiences. In this guide, we’ll take you on a tour of ten Twin Cities craft breweries scattered across Minneapolis and St. Paul, showcasing the creativity and passion of local brewers.

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  1. Surly Brewing Company (Minneapolis):

Surly Brewing Company, located in Minneapolis, is a pioneer in the Twin Cities craft breweries scene. Known for its innovative brews like Furious IPA and Darkness Russian Imperial Stout, Surly’s spacious beer hall provides the perfect setting to enjoy a pint with friends. Be sure to explore their extensive tap list and rotating seasonal offerings.

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  1. Summit Brewing Company (St. Paul):

Since 1986, Summit Brewing Company has been a cornerstone of the St. Paul beer community. Their flagship Extra Pale Ale paved the way for a portfolio of high-quality brews, including the crisp and refreshing Summit Keller Pils. Visit their taproom for a taste of classic Midwestern brewing tradition.

  1. Indeed Brewing Company (Minneapolis):

Indeed Brewing Company, nestled in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis, is known for its commitment to quality and experimentation. Sip on their flagship Day Tripper Pale Ale or explore limited releases like the Mexican Honey Imperial Lager. With a spacious patio and vibrant taproom, Indeed is a must-visit destination for beer enthusiasts.

  1. Fulton Brewing Company (Minneapolis):

Fulton Brewing Company is a local favorite, celebrated for its balanced and approachable beers. Stop by their North Loop taproom to enjoy a selection of core offerings like the Lonely Blonde Ale or seasonal releases like the War & Peace Imperial Coffee Stout. With a laid-back atmosphere and rotating food trucks, Fulton is the perfect spot for casual gatherings.

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  1. Sociable Cider Werks (Minneapolis):

Sociable Cider Werks offers a refreshing alternative to traditional beer with its lineup of craft ciders. Located in Northeast Minneapolis, this cidery’s taproom boasts a laid-back atmosphere and a diverse selection of innovative cider flavors. From classic apple varieties to experimental blends featuring fruits and spices, Sociable Cider Werks is a must-visit destination for cider enthusiasts looking to expand their palate.


  1. Bauhaus Brew Labs (Minneapolis):

Bauhaus Brew Labs combines traditional German brewing techniques with a distinctly American flair. Their colorful and modern taproom invites visitors to sample a diverse range of beers, from the crisp and refreshing Wonderstuff Pilsner to the bold and hoppy Sky-Five Midwest IPA. Don’t miss their outdoor beer garden during the warmer months.

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  1. Fair State Brewing Cooperative (Minneapolis):

Fair State Brewing Cooperative is Minnesota’s first consumer-owned brewery, dedicated to producing high-quality, innovative beers. Their diverse lineup includes everything from classic lagers to experimental sour ales. Visit their cozy taproom in Northeast Minneapolis to taste the latest releases and learn about the cooperative brewing model.


  1. BlackStack Brewing (St. Paul):

BlackStack Brewing, located in St. Paul’s historic Midway neighborhood, is known for its boundary-pushing IPAs and creative collaborations. With a focus on hop-forward beers and bold flavors, BlackStack has quickly become a destination for Twin Cities craft breweries enthusiasts seeking something new and exciting.

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  1. Modist Brewing Company (Minneapolis):

Modist Brewing Company is on a mission to challenge the status quo and redefine what beer can be. Known for their innovative brewing techniques and unconventional flavor combinations, Modist offers a truly unique tasting experience. Stop by their North Loop taproom to sample beers like the Dreamyard IPA or the First Call Cold Press Coffee Lager.


  1. Lake Monster Brewing (St. Paul):

Lake Monster Brewing, situated near the banks of the Mississippi River in St. Paul, draws inspiration from the natural beauty of Minnesota’s lakes and rivers. Their lineup features a mix of classic styles and creative experiments, with highlights including the Calhoun Claw Pilsner and the Empty Rowboat IPA.

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The Twin Cities craft breweries are a testament to the creativity, passion, and community spirit of local brewers. Whether you’re a seasoned beer aficionado or a casual drinker looking to explore new flavors, the ten breweries featured in this guide offer something for everyone. So grab a pint, raise your glass, and toast to the rich tapestry of flavors waiting to be discovered in the Twin Cities. Cheers!


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