A Guide to Award-Winning Restaurants in Minneapolis

Updated January 24, 2023
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Whether it’s extra quality time in the midst of a holiday season or fully taking advantage of long summer days, eating at award-winning restaurants in Minneapolis is a special way to treat yourself and those you love. Luckily, Twin Cities residents have many of these options at their fingertips!

Minneapolis and St. Paul boast of being culturally forward and artistic city hubs, and their restaurants reflect this flair for character. Here are some of our top picks for award-winning-level restaurants in Minneapolis: 

Young Joni

One of the most iconic places to eat in the Twin Cities, Young Joni is owned by James Beard Award-winning chef, Ann Kim. The pizzeria is located in Northeast Minneapolis and also offers other unique delicacies such a “Whole Fish” and vegetable-based bowls, dishes, and entrees. 

Can’t swing a reservation? Never fear. Young Joni’s speakeasy-style back bar has a simpler selection of pizzas and cocktails to enjoy sans prior booking. 

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Spoon & Staple one of the restaurants in Minneapolis

Spoon & Stable

Close to the heartbeat of Minneapolis’s young group and nightlife, Spoon and Stable is located in the North Loop. Chef and owner Gavin Kaysen grew up in Minneapolis and returned to win his second James Beard Award with this new restaurant. Spoon and Stable’s menu changes periodically to feature local, seasonal ingredients in their French-inspired dishes.

Planning a visit? Save room for after-dinner drinks and dessert! 


It’s hard to live in the Twin Cities in 2022 and not hear of Owamni by the Sioux Chef. In June, the James Beard Foundation named Owamni the “best new restaurant in the United States,” drawing attention across the country and, of course, the Cities.

Owamni features a modernized Indigenous menu that pays homage to the historic and current indigenous groups of Minnesota and their contributions to the land and culture. While they follow decolonized traditions, the restaurant does break this rule by adding alcohol to their drink offerings.

Nikon Z7


In late fall of 2021, Chef Ann Ahmed opened the doors to Khâluna in South Uptown Minneapolis. Just over a year later in late 2022, Eater.com declared the restaurant one of fifteen “best new restaurants” in the United States. 

Not only is Khâluna’s Laotian food and drink top tier, but the interior design aesthetic also encourages a peaceful retreat from the busy city. 


One of the great perks of the culturally diverse Twin Cities is the variety of cuisine options, both fine and casual dining. This list of restaurants in Minneapolis is just the very beginning. What would you add to this list?

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