10 of the Best IKEA Kitchen Hacks

Updated July 2, 2019
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As a renter, you may not be able to renovate when you want or how you want, but there are some IKEA kitchen hacks you can do to give your kitchen a refresh, that can feel good as new! These amazing tricks will give your kitchen more space, more organization, and more style! Check out our top 10 favorite IKEA kitchen hacks.

10 IKEA Kitchen Hacks

1. Wine Rack Indoor Planters

This is one of our favorite IKEA kitchen hacks! IKEA sells a four bottle wine rack that can clear up space on your countertop or bar by housing four bottles of wine for you on the wall. When turned horizontal it can easily fit four pint glasses.

Those pint glasses can be used for little indoor planters, which you can label with IKEA blackboard labels and stickers. These can be marked with any chalk, so you can swap up your herbs and spices by the season, or when they are fully grown.

2. Tabletop Kitchen Island

If your kitchen has an island in the center, you can build up on the top, with added room for storage. Buy and cut a counter top to the same size or smaller as your current kitchen counter. Add legs 5-7 inches in height under the tabletop, with a grip so it doesn’t slip off the counter.

This will create an even higher countertop on your island, and also have space underneath for plates, bowls, books, or whatever you need to store. Countertops and legs can both be found at IKEA or your local big box home improvement store.

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3. Cabinet Bench

There’s a way you can have that dining bench you always wanted without having to be a carpenter, having to install anything permanently and do it all on a budget! Depending on your space in the dining room, purchase enough cabinets or open box shelving to fill the space.

You can use brackets to combine them on the back or leave them freestanding and mobile, but this creates a sturdy bench plus storage underneath. Place one long bench pad, or individual cushions to create the seat. Place a small dining table with chairs in front, and you have a half sit-in dining area that you can take with you when you leave!

4. Extra Pantry & Cabinet Storage

The ends of your cabinets and the insides of your cupboards have a lot of storage space just waiting to be utilized. Utensil cups, spice racks, and magazine folders can all be adhered to the inside of cupboards with heavy duty command strips or small screws. Spice racks on the side of your cabinets near your sink or fridge can hold water glasses ready to grab.

5. Kitchen Counter Hacks

If you have empty space in your dining room next to your counter, think about making an extended counter rather than kitchen carts or bars. IKEA has a few things you could use to extend your counter. Surprisingly, baby changing tables work like a charm.

They are the right height, they don’t have any outlying drawers or designs, and can still work as functional storage. Either leave them open on top, and decorate with patterned contact paper, or use some wood glue to top them with a fitted wooden cutting board countertop.

6. Drying Rack Wine & Liquor Rack

Towel racks can be incredibly multi-versatile in the kitchen. They can hang pots and pans, oven mitts, and even wine bottles. IKEA has a multi-rack shelf that can hold 3-5 bottles horizontally, saving lots of room on your countertops or bars. Hang the horizontal shelves above your oven or counter where there is blank wall space to take up.

Lay your wine or liquor bottles on their side between the round slats and now you can have a full display of wine, off the counter, ready to grab whenever you need. Plus, your guests will be wowed by your ingenuity.

7. Oversized Island with Storage

Build your own kitchen island, or extend the existing one by putting two long bookshelves back-to-back with a countertop on them to create a super functional, extra large kitchen island with TONS of storage.

You can make these completely customized to what you want. Different legs, colors, paints, glass doors, basket storage – the list goes on! These can work for bar storage, room dividers, and even a bench in the dining room.

8. DIY “Expensive” Kitchen Carts

Kitchen carts are a great way to quickly add more space, storage, and working counter space, without installing anything. Some home goods stores could charge upwards of $300 for a kitchen cart. You can get the same effect with this kitchen cart IKEA hack.

Purchase the $60 kitchen cart and embellish it! You can paint it, finish it, add towel racks or hooks on the sides, swap out the wheels, or whatever you want to make it look like a high quality kitchen cart everyone will talk about.

9. Bed Slat Hangers

Most of the IKEA beds use wooden slats as the base to support the mattress. Well the lucky thing about that is you can buy all bed parts separately. A twin size slatted bed base works as a PERFECT hanging unit for a wall when you have lack of floor space.

You can also install this with minimal damage to the walls compared to installing a wall of shelves. Hang the slat the long way on an open wall and use S-hooks or removable hanging shelves to store pots, pans, utensils – you name it! This hack could work in any room of the house, and give you tons of storage without a heavy price tag!

10. Charging Station

Last but not least, this is one of the best IKEA kitchen hacks in our opinion. If your apartment has a kitchen island with electrical outlets, this hack is a no-brainer. I’m sure many of us charge our phones in the kitchen, on the counter, not necessarily safe from spills or messes. A quick way to make a phone charging station is to install a towel rack (if you don’t already) just below the electrical outlet on your island.

If you can’t use invasive methods like screwing it in, then strong command strips can easily adhere a lightweight rack to the side. Use IKEA’s storage baskets to hang on the rack and it creates the PERFECT place to charge your phone that keeps it off the counter, but within reach.


Did you find these IKEA kitchen hacks useful? Visit our blog for more fun tips on home renovation! Since 1981, Bigos Management has been focused on creating a more elevated residential experience. Let us be your guide to finding the perfect apartment that you can craft into you perfect home. Contact us anytime for availabilities, showings, and more information! Email us at info@tbigos.com.

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